Openings & Closings: Popz Toys, Rampoldi, The Cottage, Gong Cha

For years, the Upper West Side has been losing toy stores. So it’s a nice surprise to see one open! Popz Toys just opened on the east side of Broadway between 97th and 98th. “It is a pop-up, at least at this time,” tipster Karen tells us. “Charlie, the owner, was in the wholesale distribution business for 40 years. He said he decided to open his store to fill the retail toy store gap.” Charlie told us on the phone that he’ll be open until January, and “if things go well, we’ll be here longer.” Welcome Charlie! Thanks to Karen and Twilla for the tips.

A sign for a restaurant called Rampoldi just went up on the 64th street side of Atlantic Grill, announcing it will open in 2022. Rampoldi is part of the same restaurant group that bought Atlantic Grill. There’s a Rampoldi in Monaco that has a Michelin star. Rampoldi did not respond to a request for comment on where it will be located. The Monaco menu is here.

A sign for Chinese restaurant the “New” Cottage is up at the former site of La Caridad on 78th and Broadway, implying that the restaurant is getting closer to opening. We last wrote about it here. Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Gong Cha, a bubble tea/boba shop is coming soon to Broadway, just south of the 72nd Street Trader Joe’s.

DryBar at 243 West 99th Street reopened last month. Thanks to Brian for the tip.

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    1. What exactly is bubble tea?

      “An incredibly unique looking beverage, Bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe made by blending a tea base with milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding the signature “bubbles” – yummy tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.”


      • Steven says:

        You don’t have to wait to try it, there’s already a Bubble tea spot on 84th and Amsterdam (SE corner), next to CPW. I think it’s called Awwa or something, they do decent smoothies also.

    2. Jill Herman says:

      Does anyone know what’s happening with Dashing Diva on Columbus avenue and 89th street? It’s been closed for a long time with a sign saying due to air conditioning not working, we are closed.
      Thank you

      • Sandra says:

        about 3-4 weeks ago I saw a marshall notice on door, last week I noticed it was gone, but the closed because broken a/c signs are still in window.

    3. M says:

      The Gong Cha sign looked like a Dunkin sign at first glance. Glad it’s not another Dunkin!

    4. naomi says:

      It’s clear Dashing Diva is gone gone gone! The place is empty of all nail supplies and looks abandoned. Too bad they didn’t want to tell us where they went. I loved the ladies there and they’ve been around for ages. Miss them.

    5. UWS says:

      Did Duane Reade close on 95th and Columbus?

      • Jim says:

        you mean 94th and Col. no, they are still open.. picked up an online order yesterday, they got part of it wrong.

    6. JaneW says:

      Unfortunately you have to know French to understand the Rampoldi menu unless I’m missing something. 😟

      • DrM says:

        You’re missing a lot… The menu is from their location in Monaco, noted in the article and visible on their menu page. Hence, it is in French. However, at the bottom of the page are language translation options. For English you must choose the British flag, perhaps not obvious to us American ‘English’ speakers. Lol! Anyway, here is a link, 🇬🇧 translated:

      • Steven Spiegel says:

        I just clicked on the English flag at the bottom of the page and Viola … menu in English

      • Jeff says:

        Rampoldi’s online menu is posted in four different languages, just click the Union Jack (UK flag) at the bottom of the page if you want it in English.

      • Bill says:

        What you are missing is clicking on the British flag icon which translates everything into English.

    7. uwseater says:

      Oh how I miss the Atlantic group of restaurants! Isabella’s was my favorite spot for lunch on the westside and Atlantic Grill favorite lunch spot on the Eastside. And Ocean Grill was great place for dinner and celebrations. So sad that it all fell apart. And the disaster of the place that went into the Isabella’s place.
      We just need some places with nice, regular food and a good, non-tacky cheap feeling atmosphere.

      • Jean Luke says:

        Yes all the great restaurants that Steve Hanson created are almost all gone – Ruby Foos, Blue Water Grill, Isabella’s, Atlantic Grill, Ocean Grill etc. All had great atmospheres and menu’s. I think he sold his restaurant group and then new owners were not able to maintain the concepts. Too bad as they were all wonderful places to dine.

        • Jeff says:

          Ah yes, Ruby Foo’s – beautiful space with really good food. After it closed, we used to go down to the one near Times Square until that one closed also.

        • B.B. says:

          Atlantic Grill would have been gone regardless, that entire block front long since was torn down.

          From 76th to 77th along Third avenue is just one boarded up vacant lot. Has been that way for about two years or maybe a bit more.

    8. LL says:

      Anyone know if the Kung Fu Tea on 110th & Broadway is closed for good?

    9. Jill says:

      Cottage is opening today!

      • Deb says:

        The Cottage is now called “New Cottage”, apparently with new prices. Maybe I have been asleep for a few years, but eleven bucks for a lunch special better be really special.

        • Duh says:

          You have been asleep for a few years.
          For any cuisine other than Chinese, you’d be declaring $11 an unbelievable bargain, why is this different for you?

    10. Tara says:

      Has WSR noted yet that Friedman’s at 118th and Amsterdam has reopened? It was sorely missed!

    11. Ron says:

      Is there any chance the New Cottage is related to the late lamented Columbia Cottage? It was one a spectacular restaurant!