The New Cottage Opens and Quickly Draws a Crowd; Check Out the Menu

The New Cottage, an update of the Szechuan Chinese restaurant that closed on 77th and Amsterdam last year, opened on Wednesday on 78th and Broadway, the former home of La Caridad. In fact, the La Caridad signs are still up on the building.

The New Cottage has some similarities to the former location, including lunch specials and a long menu with a wide variety of foods — including some like Pad Thai that are from other parts of Asia.

Gretchen, who sent in the menu photos below, said that there was a line outside already waiting for tables on Wednesday. She’s already excited about spending Jewish Christmas there.

It’s open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., 7 days a week.

(Click to enlarge)

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    1. Bob Lamm says:

      I went there today (Wednesday)for a late lunch on their opening day. 20% discount, not sure how long they’ll continue that. The Cantonese shrimp wonton soup with chow fun was huge, terrific, and a bargain for $11.00. A whole lunch right there. A number of people came quite unaware that their favorite dishes from La Caridad won’t be offered. I will always miss both La Caridad and The Cottage (from its Amsterdam Avenue days), but I’m delighted that we now have this new option.

      • Deb says:

        I was there early Wednesday afternoon and saw several people working there from the 77th Street Cottage and they recognized me, too! So happy to have them back in the neighborhood!!

    2. Bob Lamm says:

      Something I forgot to note in my earlier post. I’d read somewhere (I don’t believe it was on the West Side Rag) that the same family that ran The Cottage on Amsterdam Avenue would be running the New Cottage. Based on what I saw today, that appears to be wrong. I didn’t see anyone working at The New Cottage that I’d ever seen before. Similarly, I saw no one that I recognized from La Caridad.

      • mh says:

        It is, indeed, the same family. Peter, the owner, who was there all the time (very tall) has retired but has appointed his replacement.

    3. jordan says:

      Food was amazing!!! The Szechuan dumplings were sooo addictive we had to order a few more. The rumors were true… you really can’t find those anywhere else. We ordered a few signature dishes and those were very good as well. Good quality food for its price. Definitely coming back again.

    4. Confused says:

      What is “Jewish Christmas”?

    5. Dani says:

      No website?

    6. Deri says:

      My husband picked up our lunch there Wednesday. He also said he did not recognize anyone from the old Cottage. Sichuan dumplings were close, but not the same with a thinner, less intense, less spicy sauce. Disappointed that they didn’t have moo shu pork. Lunch special with pork and dried tofu was ehh. Wonton soup was ok but very very salty.

      • Lisa says:

        Love that New Yorkers have high food standards and won’t cut anyone slack. YES. Keeping it real

      • Ashley says:

        I tried the same dishes and I thought they were pretty good. Taste is subjective but I had pretty high standards for this restaurant and they met it.

    7. Chris says:

      Do they still offer complimentary wine

    8. Terry says:

      Did they continue their tradition of free wine with your (non-lunch special) meals?

    9. Lisa says:

      Food and service was amazing! Ordered the szechuan beef lunch special for just 11 bucks and they gave me a 20% discount!! They also said free wine will be coming soon so you know I will be back woohoo! Also, why doesn’t Google map show this place?

    10. JE says:

      Looks great, but if the restaurant is reading this, please add more tofu dishes (or as a substitution option) for the vegans and vegetarians of the UWS 🙂

    11. jeff says:

      have not been to the new cottage but to date, imo the best szechuan restaurants on the uws are north of 96th st.

      • Laura says:

        Please share your recommendations!

        • jeff davidson says:

          szechuan garden at 104th is one of the best szechuan restaurants in nyc: mapo tofu, cumin lamb, garlic eggplant, dumplings in hot oil, etc Atlas kitchen is a little more upscale, try to stick to the authentic side of the menu. grain house is also excellent for takeout.

          these restaurants serve columbia u’s large asian community with inexpensive, authentic fare.

    12. Ashley says:

      Literally the best Chinese restaurant ever. Out of all the Chinese restaurants I’ve tried this one is number one. This is going to be my go to lunch after work. I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu!

    13. Trisha G says:

      Love this place! Food is seriously good. Only bad thing is that they don’t have a lot of tables so takeout has been the only option for the past two days now.

    14. Jing Liu says:

      I’m from Canton so I thought I accurately determine how good the restaurant is by ordering the Cantonese dishes lol. Surprisingly, they remind me of home and now I’m glad I only live a few blocks away.

    15. Sidney says:

      I went there today for dinner with my family. We all enjoyed it, delicious Chinese food. Waiters gave excellent services. Nice to have a chinese restaurant in the neighborhood.

    16. Daniela says:

      Went to lunch with my girlfriends and the prices are affordable. The portions are good and it tastes good. We sat inside and the waitress was great.

    17. Michael R. says:

      Service is awful. We waited :45 minutes for our dinner. People were complaining. Food is mediocre. Bring back Caridad.

    18. UWSlider says:

      Looks like something is finally going into the retail spot at 2360 Broadway (NE corner of 86th & Broadway). Anyone hear anything?

    19. Bob says:

      They did a nice job in the renovation of the former La Caridad space. They should add chicken dumplings to the menu for those who don’t eat pork or shrimp. As a tribute to LaCaridad they should add yellow rice and black beans to the menu.

    20. Ron says:

      The Cottage I miss is Columbia Cottage which had to close years ago. Their chef was fantastic! Any chance the New Cottage is related?

    21. Martin E says:

      New Cottage is not like the old restaurant. Favorites from the old menu like sea food dumplings have been replaced by inferior dishes. Not least, Peter–the owner of the old restaurant–has retired.

    22. Lewis Sternberg says:

      How wonderful to see a new useful small business open in a neighbourhood which has gradually become home to increasingly useless big-box cellphone emporia.

    23. Helene Rosenthal says:

      It’s so fantastic to have The Cottage back!

    24. Mark says:

      Glad business is good, but couldn’t get you on phone- any of the numbers-

      • Sticky Rice says:

        The former cottage was famous for record short delivery time. After you hang up your phone ordering, just 5 minutes later your food arrived at the front of your apartment door.
        It was the same service level as firefighters!

    25. john says:

      Prices are UP there.
      Beef used to be $11 Now $17
      Do you still get free white wine?

      • Huh says:

        When was beef $11?
        Clearly prices have gone up at restaurants due to all the factors we’ve been hearing about. But I think people are also thinking about prices from 4 or 5 years ago. Even just pre covid, I don’t think any full service Chinese restaurant charged only $11 for a beef dish.

    26. Cathy Bernstein says:

      Excellent dinner. Highly recommend!

    27. Rafel says:

      I loved the dumplings, the pepper steak, and the lo mein when I went with my friends. 10/10 delicious. The Chinese food went above and beyond with the taste. Definitely would recommend.

    28. Annie says:

      I ordered half roast duck & sesame beef, it was delicious. Will order again 👍🏼👍🏼

    29. MAD says:

      Had take out last night — delicious! Two of the waitresses are from the old Cottage. Looks like they are booming — most tables inside and out were filled at 5:30. Recommend the Beef Szechuan Style and General Tso’s Chicken (I like the new version of the latter a little better than their original.) Also hot and sour soup was A+.