Here’s the Dish: Silver Moon Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

By Regan Elyse Murray

Here’s the dish on Silver Moon’s gooey-yet-crunchy, chewy-but-soft chocolate chip cookie. Often overlooked amidst the many capable contenders for favorite cookie on the UWS, I believe the dessert merits its own moment in the spotlight.

Before we get into all the textures and flavors on offer in this single, handheld item, I would be doing a disservice if I failed to start, as the name does, with the chocolate. The entire pastry is honeycombed with massive, disk-shaped coins of it. This is lightly-bitter, richly-flavored dark chocolate packed into the softball-sized cookie at such a volume that it seems a miracle the treat maintains structural integrity.

And what a delicious structure it is! Let me now start from the cookie’s edges. Silver Moon bakes their chocolate chippers darker than most, allowing their exteriors to develop a shattering crisp and the caramelized, buttery flavor of holiday toffee. Working our way inwards, we hit the aforementioned chewy phase of the experience that gives our jaws something delightful to contemplate. Finally, we land in the sunken middle. This cookie is crater-shaped by design. The center has been left ever-so-slightly underbaked, affording a doughy core bite that feels delightfully devious to eat, reminiscent of the spoonfuls of batter many of us (myself included) used to sneak from the mixing bowl while adults’ backs were turned. Even in a place where cookies are as hotly contested as they are on the UWS, the Silver Moon chocolate chip cookie promises to be a crowd-pleaser.

Silver Moon Bakery
2740 Broadway (105th Street)
Hours: 8 am to 7 pm every day
Featured dish, Chocolate chip cookie ($4.25)

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    1. Miss the UWS says:

      Beautifully done…but the injustice that no one reviewed the oatmeal raisin cookie there…that’s tough to get over!

    2. Sarah says:

      Oh my…I haven’t been there in a long time, and this is far too motivating.

    3. Gar says:

      Whenever holidays come around, line wrapped around the block. Carbs be damned.

      Oh the bread is where it’s at here.

    4. JS says:

      Silver Moon has amazing cheese bread, ciabatta and fruit tarts

    5. Kim says:

      Agreed! These chocolate chip cookies are delicious. I’ve treated myself to them on occasions. Glad to see they survived this past year and still have lines out the door.

    6. Jerry Zaks says:

      Their rustic baguette is fantastic.

    7. JENDAM says:

      The chocolate-orange baguette is available on Saturdays and Sundays. Toasted with butter. Worth waiting on any line.

    8. Fred says:

      Can’t forget the chocolate walnut cookies, which are like a brownie in a cookie.

      I still prefer what they’re known for, like the chocolate chip brioche or the variety of savory and sweet biscuits and rolls.

    9. Debra says:

      This cookie, fine though it is, lacks the complement of chopped walnuts or pecans. I assume they are capitulating to the anti-nut lobby. A pity for the rest of us, and a loss of potential business for them. I stick to their breads and bake my own c.c. cookies.

      • Alfonse says:


        Antinut lobby, huh? Can you please provide their email address/website? As someone who hates nuts in their Chocolate Chip cookies, I would like to make a donation.