Bicyclist Killed, Pedestrian Injured By Hit-and-Run Driver Early Saturday Morning

The intersection where the crash occurred.

By Carol Tannenhauser

A 28-year-old cyclist was killed early Saturday morning, and a 19-year-old man was injured, when they were hit by a dark-colored sedan at the intersection of 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, an NYPD spokesperson told WSR. The driver of the sedan fled the scene, heading north on Amsterdam.

The collision occurred around 1:28 am. When police arrived, they found the two men with trauma to their bodies. EMS also responded to the location and transported both to Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, where the 28-year-old was pronounced dead, and the 19-year-old was listed in stable condition.

The preliminary investigation determined that the two men were traveling together (the 28-year-old on a bicycle and the 19-year-old on foot) when they were struck. The investigation is ongoing by the New York City Police Department’s Highway Patrol Collision Investigation Squad. The name of the deceased is being withheld pending family notification.

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    1. LivableCity says:

      Amsterdam could use cameras. It is a great through street when traffic is light but prosecuting this kind of horrific abuse is a must. Drivers are more cautious when they know there are cameras.

      How can citizens push for cameras?

      Sorrowful condolences to the injured person and the grieving family members.

    2. Wayne Z. says:

      New York City is not a cyclist friendly city, never has been. 29 cyclists died in 2019. And in 2020, Year of The Shutdown, 24 cyclists died. And pedestrians have fared much worse over the years. Vision Zero, like most de Blasio initiatives, is a joke.

      • RAL says:

        No one in this Rag gives a hoot about cyclist deaths – they are to blame for every traffic ill in the city per most of the commentators. I citibike around carefully – danger on all sides – vehicles and pedestrians – hit and run is my worst nightmare. Condolences to family of 28 year old. Some of us care.

    3. dan says:

      This is a shame, and to leave the scene of an accident? How do you live with yourself???
      The other issue as I see it is, the new LED street lights, are not bright enough. Streets are darker than they have ever been, in my memory. Hopefully enough people can complain to 311 and community boards that will illuminate them to this new dark street issue!

    4. Roberta Maxwell says:

      Pre-COVID 19 while on a tour in Europe/Amsterdam the guide warned us “the most dangerous thing you can be in our city is to be a pedestrian..”.
      Sadly I would say these words apply to NYC..
      Be aware..Wake up…

    5. JefSantamonica says:

      I was hit by a motorized bike this summer. The light was red, I had the walk sign and was knocked completely flat in the middle of the pedestrian walkway. Biker never stopped. Amsterdam Ave has become a nightmare. The detective assigned to my case did nothing. We need cameras. At the very least to make sure everyone knows how dangerous that Ave has become.

    6. Bill Meister says:

      Sad to read of this death, but very interested in this photo showing the former St. Michael’s church and the new building on the east side of Amsterdam. I was born and raised at 176 W 87 St on the corner of Amsterdam Ave, the building where Barney Greengrass (I knew him) is located. I attended Trinity Lutheran Church on 100 St, which is still a Church, I believe. My dad owned Frank Hoffman Hardware on Amsterdam between 84 and 85 St. He is buried in St Michael’s Cemetery in Queens. I left NYC in 1963, never to return, but still touch bases with my childhood home.