Target App Announces New Store’s Opening Date

Photo by Christine.

The second Target store on the Upper West Side is set to open on Sunday, according to the company’s app. The new store is at 795 Columbus Avenue at 98th Street, the former home of Modell’s. Gretchen Berger sent us the screenshot of the app below.

A company spokesperson did not confirm the date, but said it would have more info on the opening this week.

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    1. Yippee says:

      Hooray! Can’t wait to start shopping there. Thanks for the great news.

    2. So then you’re saying that there’s now no chance: that Modell’s will absolutely positively not return to their former home?

      Hope dies slowly and then abruptly. So much for my new weightlifting gloves


    3. ben says:

      thrilled for this!

    4. Mark Moore says:

      Target’s website says this store is open now.

    5. Vivsgirl says:

      I went there today and the only thing this store has in common with a real Target is the logo.