Openings and Reopenings: The Pet Market, Traviata Two, Camp, New Deli, Crave Fishbar

The Pet Market, a local pet store chain, now has two locations on West 72nd Street: a newly opened one at 132, between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, and a 30-year-old one at 224, between Broadway and West End Avenue. “We are not planning to close the old store, because it has become an establishment, but it has limited space,” said Sophia Angelakis, who founded the first store in 1991. The Pet Market is a family-owned business. Sophia’s son and daughter work with her. “Our aim is to bring wellness to pets. To achieve this, we needed to diversify, with more nutritious foods, holistic remedies and supplements. It’s difficult to survive in this economic climate, but we are doing it by providing a pleasant shopping experience, free treats, diversity in quality foods to choose from, and most of all, knowledgeable staff to give good advice for every need. Yes, people shop online and many pet stores have closed. But isn’t it wonderful to walk into one and take a glance around at all the merchandise carefully selected by professionals?” The newest Pet Market is located at 132 West 72nd Street, and is open seven days a week, Monday – Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Thanks to Gretchen for the photo.

There’s a pizza place called Traviata Two going in next to Smoke on Broadway between 105th and 106th streets, tipster Tracy tells us. “The fire department inspector was there today and I chatted with the owner. He said it’s going to be called Traviata Two because his original Traviata pizza is in the west 60s also on the Upper West side and this will be a second branch.  Pretty intense putting a pizza place just across the street from Mama’s TOO! Pizza wars on Broadway & 106th!”


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Camp, a “family experience store,” is opening on July 1 in a space that spans the second and third floors of the Shops at Columbus Circle. Camp is kind of like a play area that doubles as a toy store. It has a few stores in the city and Connecticut now. “It’s free to play in Camp’s stores, but the walls, tables, and even the floors are also packed with toys available for purchase,” the Times reported. “Their stock mixes the usual suspects, like kid-scale play kitchens and L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, with books, balls, figures and craft kits from smaller vendors — a curated variety that helps Camp differentiate from Amazon.” Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

A new deli is opening in the former home of Pier 72 Diner at 72nd and West End Avenue. Pier 72 had closed last year after 41 years at that corner, despite the efforts of some locals to save it.

Club Pilates is planning to open a new location at 580 Columbus Avenue near 88th Street. Club PIlates has another spot on 57th Street. The new location will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m,. on weekdays, and 8 to 5 on weekends, according to the website.


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Crave Fishbar has reopened at 428 Amsterdam Ave [81st]. Co-founder Brian Owens tells us that “We are currently open Wednesday-Sunday from 4pm-10pm. Our famous #oystergram happy hour is from 4-6 everywhere in the restaurant. And we plan to reopen for brunch (11:30-3:30pm) the weekend of July 4th. He is “thrilled to be back open and seeing so many of our regulars.”

Reporting contributed by Rae Harrison.

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    1. Lisa says:

      For those that don’t know, Traviata Pizza is the upper West Side’s best slice. The original is located on W. 68th St. between Columbus and Broadway. A hole-in-the-wall and absolutely delicious.

      • Slice Lover says:

        That areas will have Traviata Two, Mama’s Too, Sal & Carmine’s, and soon Roberta’s for pizza.

        Can’t wait for the official pizza battles!

      • Mark Moore says:

        Good, any alternative to that burnt Mama’s Too stuff is welcome.

        • Eric says:

          “any alternative to that burnt Mama’s Too stuff is welcome”

          Not your cup of tea? Good, more Mama’s Too for the rest of us. Their soppressata slice is to die for.

      • Kate says:

        You took the words out of my mouth. It’s consistently great pizza at a good price.

      • Judy says:

        I agree, Traviata pizza rocks!

      • MQue says:

        Yes! I use to work around the corner and this my was go too spot for lunch

    2. Yet Another Cat Lady says:

      FYI: The Pet Market has a well provisioned outpost at 338 W. 57th St. between Eighth & Ninth Aves. Nice, helpful people, an impressive variety of brands, pet friendliness, and free delivery combine to make this small store a boon to the neighborhood.

    3. Huh says:

      Camp is supposedly free but you have to pony up $15 “per person” to play. Even if you end up redeeming the credits for merchandise, a parent with two kids will be spending $45 on stuff they may not have planned to buy.
      It may be a reasonable value for some people, but it ain’t free.

    4. John Bleeckerstreeti says:

      Pizza war? Why? Does Traviata make a soggy overpriced, NYT hyped pizza for lemmings also? Anyone from this neighborhood knows one of the best NYC slices is only a couple of blocks south.

    5. Bobby says:

      Traviata is my favorite pizza in the neighborhood, congratulations on a 2nd location.

    6. Keith says:

      Traviata is a good slice place and actually it is probably in more head-to-head competition with Sal and Carmine, another traditional slice joint. Sal and Carmine should be fine, though. It’s one of best of its kind in the city.

    7. Lunabee says:

      No problem here with another pizza shop. Traviata has been a hidden secret for a long time. I welcome them to the neighborhood. Fed up with Mama Too attitude. Great pizza dished out with nastiness. My last time there was really my last time there.

    8. m.pipik says:

      What do they mean by a deli? One of the most mis-used words in NYC.

      • Uwseater says:

        Agreed. Are they actually making delicious made to order sandwiches? There is already a market right across the street.

      • lynn says:

        It will be a real benefit to the neighborhood to have another business open on the corner of 72 and WEA again! The scaffolding has been up for far too long and the group of homeless men who congregate there have been joined by men who used to encamp along Broadway in the upper 70’s and 80’s. It’s adjacent to the bus stop and there have been several incidents of them threatening people. I hope the ‘deli’ is opening soon!

      • Ronnie says:

        Ditto! What do they mean? A sit down deli, a kosher deli, a dairy deli, a bodega-like deli? Isn’t there a deli — food store deli
        — directly across the street from Pier 72?

    9. Adam T says:

      Speaking of opera named pizza places, I really miss Rigoletto (especially the original on Columbus).

    10. Lyn says:

      Delighted to have a competitor opposite Mama’s Too. Their pizza isn’t that great, and worst of all, their kind of obnoxious.

    11. Brandon says:

      Did anyone hear loud, periodic booms last night in the distance? They didn’t quite sound like fireworks to me because they were too low-pitched and intermittent, but I couldn’t tell what was causing them.

      • lynn says:

        I heard them. I thought they were small explosions but everyone assured me it was only thunder. Then again, it seemed like the FD’s sirens were going non-stop the entire weekend, so I’d like to know what was going on.

      • Lisa Vangelas says:

        I heard them as well! I thought I was dreaming, or it was a storm or something!

    12. pizzapie says:

      Wow! All of the rave reviews for Traviata pizza shows just how subjective good pizza really is. Personally I rate Traviata pizza as the worst in the neighborhood. The only thing consistent about their pizza is that it is consistently bad. To each their own!