Pier 72 Fan Starts Fundraiser as Diner is Set to Close

A neighbor of Pier 72 on 72nd Street and West End Avenue is raising money to help out employees there because of the restaurant’s imminent closure.

Pier 72 was unable to work out a deal with the co-op where it is located to continue operations, even though the co-op’s treasurer said they wanted to make a deal to help keep the restaurant open.

Pier 72 has been around for 41 years and is a neighborhood mainstay. Maggie Murphy tells us she started the fundraiser with her daughter to help employees, not necessarily to keep the restaurant open given the large financial gap that exists. She is looking to raise $2,500 and had secured $825 by Thursday.

We have shared so many memories with our family there. If you have, too, we hope you will join us in giving Jimmy, the kindly owner who always pretended to steal french fries from his kid patron’s plates, and his hard-working staff the “tip” of a lifetime.

It won’t be enough to thank them for all the memories they have helped us make. But it will let them know we loved going to the “Pier” and we will never forget them.

Covid-19 capacity restrictions have made it hard for many restaurants to make enough money to keep operations going.

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    1. Janet Sullivan says:

      Please tell me how to give to the campaign and I am also speaking to members of the co-op Board I agree. This place is a neighborhood gem

      • lynn says:

        Just click on the words ‘raising money’ in the first line of the article and it takes you to the go fund me page. 🙂

    2. JS says:

      Our family has gone there for years. One of the last authentic places in the neighborhood.

      With the massive cuts expected in bus service, no likelihood of the return of concerts, theatre and movies anytime soon, no church/synagogue resources and closure of places like Old John’s and Pier 72, there is little left for older people in the neighborhood.

      • Unfortunately, during the quarantine period, many companies suffered losses. Small restaurants and cafes were closed first. Such small establishments survive only at the expense of customers and most often they are regular customers who come from day today. Since people had to stay at home in quarantine, small cafes lost their regular customers. It’s good if the establishments had the opportunity to sell food delivered to your home. But those who do not have such an opportunity closed their establishment completely. It is very sad that a good establishment that people loved was forced to close.
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    3. zarnoogy says:

      Stick a fork in the UWS and NYC.
      As long as we have this so called “mayor” and full of himself governor, we are fried. Kaput!

      • EdNY says:

        Absolutely. Both of them should have allowed all small businesses to stay open and serve the public with no restrictions. Then we could rename the state “New South Dakota.”

    4. Sad! The Pier was my hangout from 1988 to ’98…such a great neighborhood spot. I remember them holding keys for my guests while I was traveling…and many other kind things they did for customers. Above and beyond. I’m long gone from NYC but sad to see them go. And does anyone remember the restaurant that was a few doors down from the Pier? It closed long ago. Down a few steps, dark, super warm and casual, great burgers…