Openings & Closings: The Hoptimist, Délice Macarons, Chase Bank, Cleanlab, NYC Wine & Spirits, Faherty

The Hoptimist, a new beer shop, just opened in the former home of the Beer Shop at 422 Amsterdam Avenue between 80th and 81st. Thanks to Victoria for the tip.

Délice Macarons, a French pastry shop founded in New Jersey, is coming to 321 Amsterdam Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets. Délice has much more than just macarons, with bonbon caramel cakes and other delicacies on the menu. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Chase Bank is replacing TD Bank at 535 Columbus Avenue near 86th Street. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Cleanlab cleaners just opened on Columbus between 92nd and 93rd. It’s from the owners of the former Simche Cleaners on 95th Street, Susanne tells us.

NYC Wines and Spirits is moving from its current small store at 2391 Broadway to a larger space at the corner of 87th Street and Broadway, the former home of Brooks Brothers. Thanks to Robin and Susanne for the tips.

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Faherty clothing store is opening soon at 245 Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd, replacing the store Paige. This will be their 4th store in Manhattan, says UWS SOS, a group that promotes small businesses.

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    1. Juan says:

      There is a Chase basically on the NE corner of 86 and Columbus (it is one or two buildings in towards CPW) and now one is opening on the SE corner where the TD Bank was?

    2. Mark B says:

      Welcome Cleanlab to W 90s… definitely nice to see something open in that new built-out space. But I count 5 cleaners within a 1-block radius. Sigh. Wish someone would open a great hot/cold self serve salad bar… or even decent grab-and-go (Trader Joe’s has little selection of grab and go; surprising given the ‘hood). Regardless, welcome Cleanlab and good luck!

    3. Jeff says:

      I feel reasonably confident that someone in this comments section will flip out in an unintentionally hilarious way about the opening of yet another bakery specializing in macarons and inadvertently win a WSR t-shirt.

      • m.pipik says:

        The article says Délice Macarons has other pastry too which you can see on the linked menu. So while I don’t understand the fascination with (expensive) macarons, another good cake store would be welcome. I just hope they sell slices or smaller pastries.

        Although we have a few decent options now, their choices are limited and tend to be the same every day.

      • Mike Mcardle says:

        Too funny! 🙂

    4. MQue says:

      So does this mean chase is moving across the street? They have been at that location since they were chemical bank. I opened my first savings acct when I was like 7 there,

      • Carnival Canticle says:

        And if memory serves (not that it does very well these days), wasn’t that bank called Chemical Corn Exchange before it became just Chemical? Note the sheaf of grain in the stone logo above the door of the interesting small building that houses the current Chemical on 86th St east of Columbus. I’m not sure if the north side of 86th is within the landmarked zone, but that’s a facade worth keeping.

        • Michael says:

          It originally was the Corn Exchange Bank back in the day. That’s why it has those bas-relief cornstalks. And if you look at the facade, you can still see the outlines of the old lettering on the stonework. You can also check it out in the 1940’s property tax photos at the website “” (a great way to explore how every neighborhood has changed since then).

          And yes it should be protected, but we’ll see.

    5. UWSMillenial says:

      How does one petition for a Trader Joe’s wine store to open in the neighborhood? Asking for all my neighbors….

    6. Carolyn says:

      Yes, it was the Chemical Corn Exchange in the early 50’s; then became Chemical Bank in the 60’s; then it became Chem Bank in the 70’s; then merged with Manufacturer’s Bank; then Chase……….

      • B.B. says:

        Manufacturers Hanover Trust

        Or as we called it back in the day on Wall Street “Manny Hanny”

        Chemical Bank bought Manny Hanny, then turned around and gobbled up Chase bank, who then several years later merged with JP Morgan creating JP Morgan Chase.

    7. Ted says:

      Key Food on 97th and Amst is moving to SE corner of 96th and Amst

      • davidaron60 says:

        Oh that’s good news. There had been a grocery store at that location for some time starting in the 1970s, before the current build out.

      • Kevin Horne says:

        I still pretend I’m walking into “Associated” when I go into that (now) Key Food location. Having the same employees from way back when helps.

        They don’t make grocery stores like that anymore.

        *Le Sigh

    8. chuck d says:

      Chemical Bank had NYCE machines back in the day. In fact, I don’t even think I started using the word ATM until sometime in the mid 90s. They should bring that back!

    9. HopHead says:

      Looking forward to trying the Hoptimist. We now have an abundance of craft beer around with the opening of Craft and Carry right nearby.

    10. JR says:

      Any info on the NE corner of 69th and Columbus- Heard that was going to a fish store which seems odd but would be really cool.

      • Maja says:

        If you are talking about the former Joie clothing store location, I believe Allbirds is opening up there based on the permit info posted on the storefront.

      • Patronia James says:

        No. My understanding is that site will likely become a cannabis lounge, pending approval.

    11. RAL says:

      what happened to the coffee shop that was supposed to move into same build out as cleaners from Broadway in low 100s? Can’t recall name but was announced here 2 months ago?

    12. Paul on W 67 says:

      Banana Republic on 67th and Broadway has Going out of Business signs in their window