Mamoun’s and Somm Cellars Open Their Doors

Two new businesses have just opened up shop.

Mamoun’s, the well-known Middle Eastern chain that’s been around since 1971, has soft-opened at 508 Columbus Avenue, between 84th and 85th. The shop is takeout-only for now, tipster Debi tells us. The official opening is set for April 26.

Somm Cellars Wine & Spirits is open in the Waterline Square Development at 8 Riverside Boulevard at 59th Street. Their website is like a google for wines, and the wine list is 68 pages long. Don’t be intimidated. Just tell them you like the “red ones.” Thanks to Joy for the tip.

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    1. mk says:

      Yessssss Mamouns finally!

    2. Mark Moore says:

      Walked by there today and the space inside Mamoun’s is pretty small. I predict lines out the door.

      • Boris says:

        They work out of a much smaller place at the original location in the Village. It didn’t seem to stand in the way of expanding to numerous locations in the tristate area.

        • Mark Moore says:

          Yeah and they have lines out the door down there too. I’ve been there a thousand times.

    3. Kathryn says:

      It is so dangerous for me having a Mamoun’s a block and a half away. I will be a regular. Huzzah.

    4. Wayne Z. says:

      Finally a proper falafel joint! A welcome addition to the neighborhood. Pasta Franco was one Italian restaurant too many for the avenue, and it wasn’t up to par with the competition.

    5. Tostonesfix says:

      Hurray! I have been bemoaning the lack of quick, cheap falafel on the UWS since 1999. Now that Maoz and Nanoosh are gone, it’s all the more crucial.

      I will say that I went for the first time today and they are “working the kinks out”. It was sloooow. I’m used to the East Village location where people know what to order, generally just order one sandwich, and it’s ready in one minute. Today there were customers with giant orders, people asking questions, etc. And one person in the kitchen, one taking orders and one filling orders. Those big orders really slow things down.

      They are not taking phone orders or delivery yet(thankfully). If so, might not have been worth it. As it was was, it was on the border of being too to wait for a falafel with hummus.

      But it’s still good and still pretty cheap so it’s so great to have them here.

      • Wayne Z. says:

        Cashier today said they’re going to put in self-service order kiosks soon. Hopefully they staff up the kitchen to match; the demand is here to stay. Not enough fast casual restaurants on Columbus IMO.