Dog ‘Kidnapped’ Outside Supermarket; ‘Large Reward’ Offered (Update: Found)

A pitbull mix named Cowboy was apparently swiped from outside the Morton Williams supermarket on 58th Street early Monday, and its owner is hoping for some help in finding him. We got the following message from a friend of his, as well as the flyer below.

“His name is Cowboy. He is eleven (11) years old and an American pitbull mix. He is an institution among the dogs in Central Park, a cancer survivor who needs to take his medication on a regular basis. He was last seen in front of Mortan Williams supermarket on 58th street between 9th and 10th Avenue at approximately 1 am. His kidnapper was a male. His dad (Brian) chased Cowboy’s kidnapper down 10th Avenue but was unable to catch up to him.”

Update: Cowboy was apparently found in Yonkers:

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    1. babrarus says:

      Who ever kidnapped this dog should be caught and treated as if he/she kidnapped a person.

    2. nyc10023 says:

      just got news, he was found! In a Yonkers shelter no less.

    3. ben says:

      It’s absolutely despicable to just snatch someone’s dog like that. Now stop leaving your dogs leashed outside unattended already! At 1am no less???

      • elizavln says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Please don’t leave them tied up outside unattended. I have often waited with them for their owners, especially late. I am very happy he was found and is safe. Now, please don’t do it again!

    4. Sarah says:

      Poor sweet boy! I hope they find him soon.

    5. Andy says:

      Cowboy is a gentle giant. Cowboy and his dad have helped numerous frantic parents find their dogs in Central Park at night. I personally have seen this at least 3 times — 2 times were in the dead of winter.

      I’m so happy the community could help (even a little bit) cowboy. They have helped us and a fixture of Central Park.

      Thank you west side rag for posting this. Appreciated.

    6. jimbo says:

      NEVER leave a dog unattended.

      • ST says:

        Exactly. Not to mention how it makes the dog feel. Tied, trapped and vulnerable, dependent on the owner coming back, which the dog cannot know if or when. It’s less cruel to leave them home.

    7. Streve says:

      I actually had a bit of argument recently with I guy who tied up his dog on the street and went shopping in Fairway for 30 minutes, I was waiting outside and saw the whole thing. When he finally came out, I said don’t you know people are stealing dogs around here? What’s wrong with you?
      Of course he was indignant, I was of course wrong, and told me to mind my business. But here you have it.

    8. Karen Sutton says:

      Yeh cowboy

    9. gm says:

      when will owners care enough not to leave their dogs unattended!?

    10. sg says:

      Great news that Cowboy was found. Now what to do with a person that kidnaps a dog…how bad is that?

    11. say-moi says:

      At Morton Williams on 60th and West End Ave dogs.. I see dogs inside all the time. They’re not banned so maybe go there to buy your groceries. Cheers.