Openings & Closings: Mamoun’s Falafel, Fifteentwenty, Andrade Shoe Repair, Eurooptica

Mamoun’s Falafel is getting close to opening at 508 Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th (just to the right of the Gristedes). Mamoun’s a well-known chain with location on St. Marks Place and elsewhere. Check out the menu here. Thanks to Glen for the tip.

Fifteentwenty is a grocery delivery service that’s begun operating out of some storefronts on the Upper West Side that says it delivers in 15-20 minutes. They’ve opened in a vacant pet store on 66th Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Boulevard, and have a sign in the former Saffron space on Columbus Avenue and 75th Street, our tipster Daniel tells us. (We hear from another person that the Saffron image is just an ad, not a new location.) The company delivers by e-bike and their Instagram says they’ll refund the order if they’re a minute late. Check out their Instagram here.

Andrade Shoe Repair closed its location on Broadway between 99th and 100th  “Mr. Andrade was cleaning out the last remnants of his shoe repair business today,” Naomi told usl. “He said this branch closed on Saturday, and referred me to his shop just uptown” on Broadway between 104th and 105th.

Eurooptica has moved to the former La Terrrine space at 280 Columbus Avenue between 73rd and 74th. Thanks to David, Caitlin and Upper West Sider for the tips.

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    1. Otis says:

      Mamoun’s is awesome! Whenever I’m in The Village I stop there. It will be a great addition to the UWS culinary scene.

    2. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      The new Mamoun’s prices are not indicated on their menu, but a quick check of their St. Marks Place menu indicates sandwich prices between 7 and 11 dollars – not out of the ordinary. And their photos of the sandwiches are enticing. Looking forward to their opening. Keep us posted, please.

    3. Colleen Meehan says:

      I will walk those extra blocks- Andrade is the best.

    4. Gayton says:

      I’m so sorry that the 99th street Andrade shoe repair location is closing — it’s my go-to shoe repair place. But I’m glad that I can still find Mr Andrade a few blocks north. Thank you for letting us know.

    5. B.B. says:

      Shoe repair, dry cleaners, laundries are all businesses that operate on tight margins even in best of economic times. Covid-19 is piling on more pressure that few are finding themselves able to withstand.

      Lock-down orders, WFH, migration out of city and several other factors have reduced customer levels. You walk past a dry cleaners or shoe repair place and often see lots of empty space on shelves or racks instead of completed orders waiting for collection.

      Places like Andrade with multiple locations are consolidating things down to a few or just one. Others are merging with a close by business in hopes the two instead of competing can just survive.

      • Old Stones says:

        It’s unfortunate for these businesses that WFH has meant less demand for dry cleaning and shoe repair.

        • Carlos says:

          I was just thinking the other day that I have not worn any type of dress shoe in over a year and have only worn something that I would normally dry clean once or twice – I used to go to the dry cleaner every other week and wear dress shoes 5+ days a week.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      We used to hit up Mamoun’s on Macdougal for $1.50 falafels back in the day and take them to Washington Square Park. Now they have locations in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Has to be better than Halal Guys though, which is the McDonald’s of halal food.

    7. Bill says:

      Any update on when we can expect Charlie’s to open on 72nd?

    8. good humor says:

      Sorry to hear about the Andrade shoe shop. It’s been there at least 25 years.

    9. Luhk Semborg says:

      mamouns?!?!? Now, it’s a party. =D

    10. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      I was worried about Andrade, but I’m glad he still has a store a few blocks north,

    11. Jill says:


    12. js says:

      Also new:
      Epices bakery on 70th between Columbus and Broadway (former Soutine space)
      Great baguettes, pastry

    13. Carrie says:

      Despite new strains of virus in circulation and the need for continued protective measures, we can be optimistic that certain storefronts will repopulate with new businesses at steeply discounted rents. We should make an effort to welcome enterprising cannabis shops and sex-work parlors as the UWS revives.

    14. Westender says:

      FYI- while any local store closing is disappointing, Andrade Shoe Repair is a mini chain. Yelp shows 10 Andrade locations around Manhattan. The man who ran the shop on 99th is probably not Mr. Andrade although I am glad he has something to do with the location up the block.

    15. Bobby says:

      growing up about 35 or so minutes from the legendary music venue, Toad’s Place, in New Haven, CT – Mamoun’s Falafel was always a favorite post show eatery for awesome food with great prices and it was open so late!

      Welcome to the hood.

    16. KewlDood says:

      Sorry to hear about Andrade’s, but happy to hear that there will still be a location nearby. As others have said, the current landscape has really shifted in the last year.

    17. Nina says:

      Darn, I’ll miss that shoe repair. We’ll have to go a few blocks up now. But I’m glad he can stay in business at least.