Updated: FDNY Makes Daring Parrot-Rescue on Columbus Avenue

Firefighters delighted onlookers as they scaled a ladder truck to capture an escaped exotic bird on 87th and Columbus.

And they got it!

We’ve reached out to the Wild Bird Fund for more answers, and will update this if we hear back. If the bird is yours, or if you have more info, let us know at westsiderag at gmail or in the comments. More photos please!

Update: The FDNY came through again with some further information: “Ladder 25 was verbally alerted at 18:20 hrs. that someone’s parrot had escaped in route to a veterinarian visit. Ladder 25 was able to extend their aerial ladder to reach the branch where the bird was and a fire fighter was able to bring the Parrot down to safety. No injuries to the parrot or anyone else, returned safely to the owner. No information on who the owner is. No further info, thank you.”

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    1. Lauren says:

      I love New York. There’s always something happening.

    2. Díana says:

      There is a lady who has a parrot at 41 West 72. Maybe the doorman there could see if it’s hers.

    3. Rosita Rumble says:


    4. ileen says:

      The owner was right there the whole time, an older white man. I believe he was bringing the bird to Avian & Exotic Medicine when it flew away.

    5. Ulla says:

      There is a hairstylist who used to bring her macaw to work with her in this neighborhood. Could be hers. Meanwhile, I live on 90th and have several other parrots and an available cage and all the parrot appropriate stuff/food etc. Please let me know if I can help to care for this bird while the owner is located.

    6. Watto says:

      I just love our NY Firefighters! They truly are New York’s bravest and kindest … what a lucky parrot!

    7. Bunny Hart says:

      Wow! Congrats Ladder 25! I have a parrot & love him more than life itself! My life’s companion! The owner must be so relieved! Yaaayyy!

    8. Karen Sutton says:

      So true…n.y I luv you..all the way from Australia

    9. johnharr says:

      fdny rocks! nypd should take some lesson

    10. Rochelle says:

      Wow that is fabulous

    11. Burtnor says:

      THANKS FDNY Ladder 25 for rescuing this parrot and for all you do for the City! We appreciate and thank you.

    12. Judith Nadelson says:

      Did the owner of the Parrot ever appear?

    13. aeriadne says:

      This was not a Wild Bird Fund case. Dylan belongs to a couple that is a client of the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine, which is where they were headed when Dylan escaped. For some reason, they did not put Dylan in his carrier that day, and something spooked him and he flew off, first to a brownstone catty-corner across the street and then into the tree where he was finally rescued by the FDNY. Definitely a good warning to all bird parronts: no matter how recall-trained or attached to you they are, parrots are prey animals whose natural instinct is to fly away from anything they perceive as a threat. They can go from your shoulder to lost in an instant.

    14. A Clemente says:

      He or she is a Blue and Gold Macaw. I have one and they are occasionally anxious as we get to Spring and get outside. This one obviously got very anxious. I hope the Macaw’s owner surfaces. I can look after the bird with my B&G until the owner surfaces if need be.

    15. alexis byrne says:

      How much of taxpayers’ money did this one cost? Maybe the owner should have called the bird by name?

    16. Nancy Chambers says:

      Good job!
      Pet Macaws are actually pretty huggy critters. Beaks are meant to crack nuts not fingers. I used to raise them & have all my fingers 🦜💕👌👏

    17. Nik Hall says:

      Truly the saddest part of this was that this was probably Dylan’s first time being able to be a bird. While we were scared he looked so majestic sitting on that branch in the sunshine. Birds are not meant to sit in cages in an apartment or house. What humans have done to animals is atrocious.