Pupper West Side: Peabody Is an Ice Cream Fanatic with an Ivy League Education

By Audrey Campbell

Name: Peabody

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Maltipoo

Profile/history: My parents met when they were both in graduate school at Yale – yes, that Yale – and Mom’s favorite place to spend time was the Peabody Museum of Natural History. She decided that one day she’d name a pup after her favorite place. When my parents moved to New York City, they prioritized getting a dog-friendly apartment near Central Park in preparation for welcoming a pup into their home who loves to play and romp around outside. I joined the family around Christmas time and we’ve been happily quarantining together on the Upper West Side ever since.

Mom’s happy place.

Daily routine: Each morning I’ll rouse my parents by nibbling on Mom’s pillow or Dad’s beard. I like to get up close and personal to make my point. It’s. Time. To. Go. Out. Once we’re all suited up – coats, gloves, hats, masks – we’ll head out for a chilly morning walk in Central Park. Our first stop is always Strawberry Fields where I spend a little time finding a high-quality stick to carry with me. This is very important because I’ll carry my prize stick all the way to Cherry Hill to show it off to my doggy friends. In the spring and summer, I like running down from Cherry Hill to Bethesda Fountain and greeting the turtles as the pop their heads out of the water. Good morning, my strange-looking friends!! After our walk, its a healthy breakfast followed by some quiet time as Mom and Dad work from home. On Wednesdays I’ll head to Camp Canine to spend the day socializing with my friends and I’ll come back home with all sorts of gossip to share. I always let my parents know when it’s mealtime. First, I’ll alert them to lunchtime at 12pm on the dot and then at 4 p.m. it’s time for dinner. Strangely, they often don’t seem ready for dinner at 4 p.m., but I always am!

I like structure.

Loves: Like any good Ivy League scholar, I get great enjoyment from the structure of my daily routine. I don’t like to deviate from it. My other greats loves are balls and squeaky toys, the turtles in Central Park, and eating outside at restaurants in the neighborhood, weather permitting.

Does not love: The groomer. My parents take me downtown to Chelsea for my regular hair appointments and I start panicking when we arrive at the dreaded 23rd Street subway stop. GAH!!

Favorite store or business on the UWS: Dog & Co in Columbus Circle always has great treats and accessories! And I’m always up for delicious meals at local restaurants including Ella, Playa Betty’s and Fred’s.

Favorite treat: Ice cream!! I go crazy for a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Van Leeuwen or a scoop of soft serve vanilla from Big Gay Ice Cream. *Smacks lips.*

Favorite park spot: My vote would definitely be for Strawberry Fields since it has such a great stick inventory to choose from.

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    1. Sally F says:

      Great profile! Hi Peabody, what a sweetie you are!

    2. Rani Gossai says:

      Gosh, what a wonderful article.
      Peabody and Parents have given us so much joy and we look forward to his adventures especially during this time. He brightens our days and makes us laugh. THANKS.

    3. Linda McCabe says:

      Hi Peobody, What an amazing life you have. You are such a lucky dog!

    4. Sarah says:

      Peabody, you are a gentleman and a scholar, even if you are not a bulldog. You’re handsomer than Handsome Dan, but please don’t tell him I said that.

    5. Go Yale says:

      Wow, this submission was more about the owners than this dog. What a boring and transparent read. I usually dig these random stories but for real? Who cares that you attended Yale and have a pad near CPW? Dude, get a grip on life and your severe insecurities. Mad lame man, but yeah, go Yale.

    6. Lorene says:

      So sweet!

    7. Traci says:

      Hi Peabody! You are adorable! And hello West Side Rag – how can other UWS pet parents submit their fuzzy family members for this column? I know a certain Havanese who is quite articulate and entertaining …