Two Reported Injured in Sledding Accident in Riverside Park

Two people were reportedly injured while sledding down a hill at 91st Street in Riverside Park on Tuesday, according to the Daily News. The incident occurred around 6:15 p.m.

That area either is the slope known as Suicide Hill or it’s directly adjacent to it.

“Both went to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition, an FDNY spokesman said,” the newspaper reported.

Thanks to Nicolas for the photos above and below.

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    1. rr.gross says:

      Oh man, that second photo is beautiful! It appears to be the Tree of Liberty, which Thomas Jefferson assured us must be, from time to time, refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants. No, this is not a political statement, it is a satire of political statements, and I wish the injured a speedy recovery. I have personally sled down that wonderful hill.

    2. Anthony P. says:

      Well, I know that experience from the 80s! Hope the kids are ok now.

      — AP

    3. Michal says:

      Probably the absolute best sledding hill in the city, but it definitely deserves the name – I sprained my ankle in two directions when my foot went through the hay bales at the bottom and into the fence pole on an icy morning a few years ago. My husband also had a couple of ribs broken when he was on his way up with our son, knocked down by some careening teenagers (who didn’t even say sorry, thanks teens). But still so worth it.

      I hope the injured sledders will be okay, with no lasting injuries.

    4. Josh says:

      Maybe the Riverside Park Conservancy should string some of that plastic construction fencing across the length of the hill about 5 feet from the fence every winter. Then place the hay bales right in front of that.

    5. Susan Gutterm says:

      When our two sons were growing up we lived in the beautiful building right at the top of that coasting hill. They coasted there all through their childhood — with no hay bales at the bottom in that less risk-averse era (late 60s to 70s).

    6. StevenCinNYC says:

      Why would they have gone from 91st and Riverside to 27th and 1st? Bellevue is a City hospital so they wouldn’t be paying to steal patients. Metropolitan hospital is also public and way closer. Plus, St. Lukes and Mount Sinai are very close and Roosevelt is still much closer than Bellevue. They would have to drive by how many hospitals to get to Bellevue? What am I missing here?

    7. Mrk says:

      Wow I hope they6 are okay! I used to sled Suicide Hill with friends when I was a about 15 years old. 50 years later same deal. People had accidents then. Sleds an big corrugated boxes. Used boots , toes to slow too. Oh boy. It was also called Dead Mans Hill

    8. M says:

      We were there tween the accident happened. Is a very tricky hill. You must throw yourself out of the sled before hitting the fence, we learned the hard way. Our prayers to the two ladies that were injured and their family.

    9. AC says:

      Any true upper West Sider, who was born and raised in the neighborhood, knows and respects ‘Suicide Hill.’ The title of that hill has been passed down from generation to generation. Gods speed for a quick recovery.

    10. Leslie Rupert says:

      I’ve been watching kids sled here for 40 years and miraculously this is a very rare occurrence. They have such fun I do hope its nothing serious. I would hate to see this stopped.

    11. AT says:

      Mount Sinai Morningside (aka St Luke’s) is also a level one trauma center. I work there. Many patients are being routed to unexpected hospitals since covid struck in an effort to triage both by level of care and number of covid positive or unknown status patients. I’m guessing that is why they went to Bellevue.

      I hope both patients are fully recovered!

    12. Susan says:

      I hope they’re OK too but why were they sledding in the dark?

    13. Daniela says:

      Dead Man’s Hill.

      Once dug out a kid who was buried in snow and just lying there.

    14. Jeff says:

      favourite hill