Updated: Water Main Break Near W 81st Street Closes CPW and Subway Station; Expect Delays


By Carol Tannenhauser

A water main break near West 81st Street has closed Central Park West and the 81st Street-Museum of Natural History subway station, flooding the tracks and causing delays on the B and C trains. It also flooded the basement of the nearby Beresford. The break occurred at about 8:45 on Christmas morning.

Update: “Water is off. Leak stopped. Work to locate leak and make repair will continue. All customers have water service,” reported Edward Timbers of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. Thanks Edward!

CPW and W 81st.

Clouds of steam.

Photograph by Constance Z.

Con Ed came. Photograph by Constance Z.

“Can I get to my building?”

Basement of the Beresford.

Photograph by Danny Daly.

West Side Rag has contacted the NYPD and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection for further details. DEP responded that they are investigating. We will keep you posted.

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    1. bowperson says:

      great pics of a sad story

      • NotExaggerating says:

        I wouldn’t refer to a water main break as a sad story. Am I missing something?

        I also don’t consider myself to be a photography critic by an y means. What is it about these pics that make them great? Serious question because I tend to underappreciate what looks like ordinary pics.

        • nemo paradise says:

          Wow. What set you off?

          • NotExaggerating says:

            I’ll remember to never rely on you for an answer to a serious question. Instead of being helpful and offering a viewpoint that I don’t readily observe, you’re acting jerky.

        • bowperson says:

          pics are not art but they illustrate detail and mood
          Water main break is a major inconvenience. Residents of 444 CPW who suffered a recent water main break described loss of power and basement water damage.

    2. Trish says:

      Anyone know if this is why the 86th St. B/C was closed yesterday afternoon?

    3. UpperWestSlider says:

      There were 7 fire dept vehicles on the same corner the day before. Has to be related.

    4. Tom says:

      i was actually walking my dog at that corner when the pipe burst that morning. i took a video of it.

    5. Sheila L Palevsky says:

      Wondering…still having moldy smelling and tasting water from my tap…and others in my building too
      there was a notice a few days ago about DEP being aware of “off” water…but this is persisting.
      Anyone else??

      215 W 98th street

      • Raymond Finucane says:

        Water smell and taste has to do with the reservoir in the Catskills NY. It will be back to normal at the end of January

    6. The last photo from that high floor, with the sleeping Park’s denuded trees, and the phalanx of skyscrapers off in the distance, threatened by that advancing wall of low-hanging clouds?

      Breathtaking. Ah, to have some high-floor aerie in the Beresford, with views like that my daily fare?

      One definition of Heaven.

      And probably the closest I’ll ever get, as my lottery tickets underperformed every time, giving up naught but the dry raspberry, so…

      Many, many thanks. A definite keeper in that rusting vault called my memory.