‘An Honest Person’ Puts One Upper West Sider in the Holiday Spirit

Renie Reiss had a stressful experience last week, but a kind neighbor helped her out. And she wanted to broadcast her appreciation. So here’s her story.

Last week at Target on Broadway, at the checkout, I unknowingly slipped my wallet between my cross body bag and my body, instead of into the bag.

Discovering this upon arrival home, I scootered back to see if it had been turned in, within a half hour. Of course, no sign of it. I rationalized that perhaps whomever found it may have needed the cash – there wasn’t much – more than I did. Although I did worry a bit about the two blank checks, and checked my account every day, I did not have them blocked.

Two days ago I received a card without a return address; the contents blew me away! Photo tells rest of story!!
Perhaps word will get back to this honest person that I am not only very grateful for the return, but also for the reminder that amongst the tumultuous circumstances we’re all experiencing goodwill and positive aspects remain and will prevail.

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    1. LL says:

      That is so amazing. Just read this after the story about the woman at 96th. This is lovely to read.

    2. Adi says:

      Same has happened to me. Ironically enough it was around Christmas. In my case the person (an old guy) came to my house and gave me my purse. He had found it in the bushes after a thief snatched it from me days earlier and had only taken the cash. There are good people out there.

    3. Eelin Wilson says:

      Same pleasant surprise in july when i dropped my phone at Lincoln Center sidewalk. Someone returned it to security guard who then called me.

    4. Boris says:

      I have been on both the receiving and returning ends of a lost wallet. Returned a few phones, as well. There’s no better feeling when either happens.

    5. S says:

      Me too! 8 years ago,, I left my purse on a park bench in central park. I didn’t realize it till I got home. My husband ran frantically out the door to find it. Two minutes later there was a knock. I thought he forgot something but it was two police officers. “My purse?” I asked. “Yep.” they answered, returned it to me and left. Everything was still inside, including my cell phone. I never did find out who turned it in.

    6. Judith Dieter says:

      Back in the mid ’80s my then husband and I went to a concert in the city. On our way home via Grand Central I unknowingly dropped my wallet…probably when paying for something in the station.
      The next day I got a phone call that the caller had found the wallet. He told me how to find him…he lived at Grand Central! I went to meet him alone (probably not my best move even in ordinary circumstances). However I did meet him, a homeless man who told me himself, and appeared to have lived at GCT for years. Everything was intact in my wallet, even my $43. I was so moved that he hadn’t taken anything or tried to sell it.
      I gave him my cash and he refused all but $20. Honesty and integrity do abound even in the worst of situations.

    7. Marci says:

      I think these kinds of things happen a lot, but we only ever hear about the bad things that happen. Thanks for sharing an uplifting story!

    8. George CPW says:

      Lovely story. If I had lost my wallet, by now I would have canceled my credit and debit cards, metro pass, etc. still, honesty is great.

    9. Betty Samuels says:

      left purse on the subway. On returning home I got a call from the ticket booth worker that it was returned.Not a coin was missing!

    10. Lisa A. says:

      Left my wallet on the uptown M104 about 10 years ago. Got a call from the bus depot at 135 (?). They had it. Not a thing had been taken. I stopped by a local bakery, bought a bunch of sweet stuff, and brought it to the guys at the depot. Good karma all around.

    11. Lorene says:


    12. Weird That Way says:

      Not too long ago my husband lost his wallet and wasn’t sure where. That darn wallet contained an easily used gift card worth $500. A few days later, it was returned to him by mail with nothing missing. There are fine and honest people in the world!

    13. Meghan C says:

      Several years ago I lost a leather Louis Vuitton key case/wallet on Broadway while picking out pumpkins at Broadway Farm…I thought for sure it was gone forever. I got a Facebook message from a mom whose young teen daughter and her friend found it and they tracked me down since I had cards with my name on them. I think these stories are more common than we realize!