Mermaid Inn Opens Delivery and Takeout-Only Spot ‘Mermaid Bird’

Mermaid Inn, the fish-focused restaurant, is debuting a new food option on the Upper West Side — Mermaid Bird.

Mermaid Bird will operate out of the kitchen at Pizzeria Sirenetta at 568 Amsterdam Avenue (88th), but it’s not a traditional restaurant. It will be open only for pickup and delivery, like other such kitchen-only operations that have popped up in recent months (such as Skyooerd). It will offer all sorts of chicken dishes, from whole marinated birds to salads, wings, sandwiches and tenders. You can order through delivery apps or at

Here’s the menu. If you use code TRYITNOW20 at before December 31st, you can get 20% off your first order.

Once Pizzeria Sirenetta reopens for full indoor dining, Mermaid Bird is expected to relocate, a rep tells us.

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    1. Diana Omori says:

      Looks good.

    2. Elizabeth says:

      The food is delicious and consistent every time!

    3. Greg Brousseau MAC says:

      I have tried the new menu. It is AMAZING. I know of no other options like this for chicken lovers. Finally the UWS has some food innovation. You will be successful!

      • Michael says:

        Jacob’s Pickles definitely came to mind when I first saw the Mermaid Bird site. But I think what really makes MB unique is the thoroughness of its chicken options — wings, tenders, roasted whole, salads, and of course the sandwiches. $14/$15 for just a sandwich alone seems kind of steep, but I like what they’re doing overall. Would be cool to see a physical location when the pandemic ends. It’s the sort of casual menu that the neighborhood needs more of.

      • Revel says:

        But it hasn’t opened yet

    4. Mark Moore says:

      It’s incredible how expensive a few fried chicken wings have become. And not just here.

    5. ben says:

      Wings look promising. Going to give them a try this week!

    6. Kim says:

      Had to try it. The picture up above made my mouth water!!! Very happy this restaurant is in the neighborhood and will be ordering again. Wings and tenders were fantastic!! Tater Tots were scrumptious and one order of tots is enough to feel 3 people!!! We ordered two and will be having some for breakfast tomorrow!!

    7. rteplow says:

      Perhaps if you can manage it, don’t take advantage of the discount in case the Mermaid Inn is struggling.

      We’ve enjoyed the original Mermaid Inn. I’m looking forward to trying their new place. Good luck!

    8. Tara says:

      Wow, this is such a great idea.

    9. UWS says:

      Discount code doesn’t work on the Mermaid Bird site. Disappointing.

    10. Dom says:

      The roast chicken was really outstanding and delivered well. Better than your typical supermarket roaster. Uncork a light Burgundy and make it a night.