Central Park Changes One Key Rule When Snowfall Is Over 6 Inches

[Children playing in the snow in Central Park.]
Playing in the snow. 1965. The Museum of the City of New York.

The snow’s a-falling and forecasters think it could pile up to more than a foot. That’s good news for people who like to play in Central Park.

Central Park tends to fence off large areas of the park during the winter to ensure that people don’t trample the ground and stop grass from growing in the spring. But when snow piles up above six inches and other conditions are safe, the conservancy opens up the fenced-off areas so people can frolic and build snowmen and such.

If you do head to the park on Thursday, send us some photos of your creations. And yes, make sure that all snowmen and women wear masks.

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    1. Mxyzptlk says:


    2. Neal Hugh Hurwitz says:

      where’s the snow?

    3. AC says:

      Storm is a bust! Central Park appears to have a mere 7 inches (8 inches tops). The sleet last night appears to have reduced the expected 10-12 inches.

      Nonetheless , , , very pretty until it warms up! 🙁

      • NYC10023 says:

        @AC as of 9am, Central Park got 10”

        and it’s still snowing

        so, a bust as far as 17+, but double what we got last year total.

    4. Joey says:

      Send in the elves!
      cross country skiing!!!

    5. Ruth Bonnet says:

      Some of my favorite moments in NYC are Central Park in the snow. Watching people build snowmen, play touch football, throw snowballs – and my border collie digging for his frisbee in the huge drifts.