Comments of the Week: Modest Proposals

Ideas spring forth like spring blossoms in the West Side Rag comments. Some have the potential to fully flower, others look more like weeds. Here are a few proposals that came forth in our comments section over the past week. Make of them what you will.

re: One More Block Added to Local ‘Open Street’ Restaurant Program

UWSJeff says:
I say close all the streets and make most of Manhattan pedestrian and bike friendly.

re: ‘Homeless Hotels’ Booked by City for Another Six Months; ‘Shelters Not Yet Safe’; ‘Lucerne Men Will Move’

EGF says:
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to retro-fit the shelters to make them more safe? After all, plastic barriers, social distancing, and excessive disinfecting seems to be acceptable to the rest of society.

re: Famed Central Park Boathouse Restaurant Lays Off Entire Staff and Shows No Signs of Reopening

moose says:
They should let us use the rowboats
Too many turtles though

re:  An Urban Beekeeper from the UWS Has a Sweet Tale to Tell

JL says:
LOVE Andrew’s Honey! let’s put native plant gardens on all rooftops in NYC to support pollinators of all types!

re:  Video of the Day: Urban Cowboys Hoof It Down West End Avenue

s says:
Nice. Hope they bring trash bags to clean up the poop

re: Plants Torn Out Outside Buddhist Church (Updated)

John says:
Citizen Pruners should contact their neighbors before taking action on plants that don’t belong to them.

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    1. Jo says:

      What’s this rally going on in front of ABC News building on Columbus?

    2. Kate says:

      ” I say close all the streets and make most of Manhattan pedestrian and bike friendly.”

      ~Things only an oblivious able-bodied person would say

      • Old Guy on 'Pride Go-Go' says:

        Why? What does have to do with being able-bodied or not?
        Yes, it IS sort of draconian, is probably un-do-able, and should never be attempted without ample feed-back from everyone, including store-owners who depend on truck-based delivery.
        And, for-the-record, I am by no means “able-bodied” and depend on a battery-powered mobility scooter to get about our city.

    3. Jim says:

      Let’s put windmills on rooftops to subsidize our electric bills

    4. Steven Barall says:

      “Pedsetrian” and “bike friendly” are not at all the same thing. These are two different worlds that often collide to the detriment of the pedestrian.