Monday Bulletin: Nurse Held on Murder Charges, Race and Birdwatching, Stringer’s Leap, $14 Million Townhouse

Jazz in Riverside Park. Photo by Jodie Gould.

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The story of an Upper West Side nurse being held for six months without bail on Riker’s Island for the alleged murder of her estranged husband “illustrates the intersections of abuse and incarceration,” Gothamist reported. “According to court documents, (her husband) was drunk when he asked to be let in, claiming he had locked himself out of his Airbnb apartment, leaving his wallet behind. Once inside (her) apartment, she says he demanded money to buy more alcohol, then attacked her. In the process of defending herself, (she) says she stabbed him once in the chest.”

Dozens of protestors against what they called “downright cruel” treatment of those experiencing homelessness marched from the Upper West Side to Gracie Mansion on Sunday, reported ABC7. They were protesting the Mayor’s plan to move nearly 300 homeless men from The Lucerne hotel to a shelter in Brooklyn, displacing the disabled homeless people living there. One resident of The Lucerne said, “I started in Brooklyn, wound up on 3rd Street, 51st street, over here. Now they talk about moving us down there. We’re tired of being used as cattle, political pawns.”

Christian Cooper, the black birdwatcher who had the police called on him in Central Park in May by a white woman during a confrontation that went viral, has published a graphic novel inspired by the incident called, “It’s a Bird,” The New York Times reported. “In the graphic novel, which is digital only, he connects racism’s daily humiliations and deadly police brutality. The same day that he faced the woman, Amy Cooper — who is not related to Mr. Cooper — George Floyd would die in Minneapolis under a police officer’s knee.” You can see a preview of the novel, published by D.C. Comics, on BET.

Last week, New York City Comptroller and Upper West Sider Scott Stringer announced that he will run for Mayor in the 2021 election, Gotham Gazette reported. “…as Stringer enters the fight of his life to become the city’s 110th mayor, he is perhaps most respected for winning tough elections. Indeed, Stringer’s strengths and weaknesses as a mayoral candidate lie in the fact that he has been a career politician, someone with decades of public service…He was a member of the state Assembly representing the famously liberal — and vote-rich — Upper West Side, from 1993 though 2005. From 2006 till 2013, he served as Manhattan borough president, before being elected to his current role as city comptroller.”

A ventilation expert has confirmed that the Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Complex, home to six Upper West Side high schools, located at Amsterdam Avenue and 66th Street, is not ready to be reopened, according to Gothamist. “There are standards by professional associations that require a certain minimum percent of fresh air for comfort and health,” Jack Caravanos, a clinical professor of environmental health at New York University School of Global Public Health explained. “And it appears from this report that all the fresh air intakes are in the closed position and they’re actually damaged. Not only can they not be easily opened, but they’re broken, and they apparently have been broken for a while.”

Finally, Mansion Global announced that “A 130-year-old limestone townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has hit the market for $14 million after a four-year renovation. The eclectic Renaissance building, recognizable for its steeply pitched roofline and decoratively carved flourishes, was built in 1891 in a row of grand family homes on West End Avenue—many of which were eventually carved up into rentals. The townhouse has since undergone a gut remodel…”  Unfortunately for the owner, he was relocated to another city for work!

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    1. Leon says:

      The jazz group in the photo was excellent! I saw them both Saturday and Sunday and the crowds definitely enjoyed them. Hopefully they will be back soon.

      • Heather says:

        Where was this jazz group?

        • Leon says:

          By the entrance to Riverside around 83/84 St., there is an open area with a small circular fenced in memorial (I forget what it is for – I think the Warsaw Ghetto) at the end of the promenade. They were set up there. Right next to the stairs that go down to the river, a little bit north of River Run Playground.

    2. LK says:

      Where was Scott Stringer on the issue of placing drug abusers and sex offenders next to schools? Nowhere to be found. Not getting my vote. That’s a beautiful thing about the crisis is that we got to know our ‘leaders’.

    3. Chris says:

      Does no one understand that Christian Cooper is a racist?

      • Curious says:

        You don’t get to drive by the WSR comments section without providing actual detail on this claim.

    4. Robin Rice says:

      Christian Cooper’s graphic novel is a modern fairy tale – not a Disneyized version, but one of those filled with horror and beauty, with a moral that resonates to the depths of your soul and shocks your slumbering heart awake.

    5. UWS Lady says:

      Never forget that Scott Stringer gave Chirlane McCray, DeBlah blah’s wife a pass on wasting 85 million of our tax dollars on ThriveNYC with no measurable results. Speaks volumes about Stringer. Say nothing and hope to move up.

    6. margo nash says:

      Scott Stringer is a natural for being the next mayor. He has been working hard for all New Yorkers his whole life in so many capacities. He is a kind, honest person. Having a long record and a lot of experience should be qualifying and not held against someone. He is the right person to be mayor.

    7. Honest Abe says:

      There’s an ongoing housing squeeze in NYC, but yes, let’s take another multifamily building and turn it into a single family residence!

    8. Time for New Blood? says:

      Scott Stringer moved to the Upper East Side to run for Mayor, but ultimately decided to run for Comptroller instead. He moved because it would be easier to raise the amount of funds he needed for a Mayoral campaign.

      Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s son, is considering a run for Mayor too. He has said his platform will include:

      Empowering the NYPD to do their job;
      Making the private sector more accountable;
      Reintroducing the free market to low income communities;
      Making sure that New Yorkers and tourists feel safe

    9. says:

      I don’t know why anybody would want to pay $14 million for a townhouse on the Upper West Side. This neighborhood has become disgusting. I pass 5 people every day on my way to work loitering on corners some surrounded by their collection of garbage, the streets smell, saw a guy urinating in broad daylight by a cafe. If I had $14 million I’d move as far away from UWS as I could tomorrow.