Xi’an Famous Foods Closes Restaurant to ‘Cut Losses’ from Covid

Xi’an Famous Foods, a restaurant chain that serves authentic and reasonably priced Chinese food, suddenly closed its doors at 2675 Broadway, between 10st and 102nd streets.

“Due to financial pressures of Covid19 we must be moving on to cut our losses at this location,” wrote CEO Jason Wang in a note on the door.

That location opened in 2013. Xi’an Famous Foods has gained a wide reputation for homemade noodles, like its spicy cumin lamb and Mt. Qi pork noodles, and delicious savory sauces. It continues to operate locations elsewhere in the city.

Thanks to Gena for the tip.

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    1. ace says:

      This is so sad – what a loss for the neighborhood. Best noodles in the city.

    2. Johnny says:

      Huge loss for the area. This is terrible.

    3. D says:


    4. Moo Shoo says:

      No Columbia in session=far fewer students seeking mediocre Chinese food. Smart calculation

      • ben says:

        I’m sorry that your diet of General Tso’s chicken clouds your judgement when it comes to real Chinese food.

    5. Sarah says:

      This sucks. I couldn’t eat there often because they didn’t post nutritional info and I could only guess at how bad it was for you, but it was delicious and not stodgy-old-UWS-style. I hope no more of the newish “new Chinese” restaurants like 108 Hot Pot that have sprung up in recent years go down.

    6. Sarah says:

      (I think this company in particular has gotten really hammered because few of their dishes travel well for delivery, and this location has nowhere nearby to sit unless you like dining on a bench in the middle of Broadway.)

    7. sp says:

      seems like a stupid decision to me, this place was always full sometimes with lines out the door, and doing takeout as well. why did they even close in the first place? they could have stayed open and done takeout/delivery like so many others did.

    8. Victor N. says:

      The smell inside was reminding me of the restaurants in China.

    9. ben says:

      It’s a shame. I’m a big fan of Xi’an and always went to that location when I needed a fix. Was really disappointed when they closed during the height of covid and now just sad that they are gone from the neighborhood for good. Loss of the Columbia crowd must have hit them even harder.

    10. Sid says:

      Effy’s on 96th st has also closed 🙁

    11. mkmuws says:

      This decision was made a while ago. And contrary to clueless comment on here, they are designated I believe as the only authentic Chinese restaurant in New York by a San Francisco website that gives these tips for Chinese Americans traveling. Their patrons know they are the real deal.

      They have a full advance order no-fee delivery business you can check out here https://xiankits.com/

      I thankfully was able to place an order finally for dumplings recently and they did not disappoint, more in my freezer.

      Store location information here
      Only a couple permanently closed. UES is open.

      • Sarah says:

        Hey, how well do those sauces keep? I love those dumplings but it would take me some time to get outside of that many. The dumplings I assume will be okay in the freezer but I questioned the sauces’ staying power.

        • mkmuws says:

          They recommend only keeping the dumplings for 2 weeks, though I will definitely go longer than that, which I think is fine in the freezer. I think the nature of the sauces gives them longevity. Seem to hold up.

    12. Sally F says:

      Very sad to hear this!!

    13. Janice says:

      This really sucks. They were great. Very sorry to hear.

    14. UWSer says:

      NOOOOOOOO. I ate here about once a week before Covid.

    15. Josiah says:

      Don’t know what I’m going to do without my beloved lamb dumplings only a few blocks away…


    16. Ellen Ross says:

      The meal kits are both terrific and quite a good deal as each includes several meals. It’s a chore to pull your own noodles but they end up tasting even better than the ones you get at the store itself. They’ll deliver the kits right to your door.

    17. John Limb says:

      Xi An’s Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles was the best plate of food available on the Upper West and I was a regular living two blocks away. Of all the Covid closures this was by far the most depressing for me. I want out of this city…

    18. Davien Littlefield says:

      Jason you are reiliant hang in there NY need you