Incredible ‘Flower Flash’ Fills Trash Can at 78th Street and West End Avenue, And Quickly Disappears

Ellen Joy snapped the photo above of a “flower flash” created by florist Lewis Miller Designs on 78th Street and West End Avenue. The florist has done these kinds of incredible arragements throughout the city, including some on the Upper West Side, for the past few years.

This one towered above the block, but it was gone by late in the morning, Ellen tells us. Hopefully, lots of locals got a nice surprise while walking by.

Check out this one they did in a phone booth!

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    1. Nancy says:

      Beautiful! What a nice gift for passersby.

    2. Kathleen says:


    3. Susan says:

      I’ve actually dreamed of walking past one of these and this was around the corner from my apt. and I missed it!! So disappointing. At least I can enjoy the beautiful photo. Thank you Ellen.

    4. WEA says:

      I am always looking forward to these floral arrangements on West End Avenue. Missed this one!

    5. tee splain says:

      love it! what an inspiration