Video: ‘Miracle Larry’ Kelly Survives Excruciating 128-Day Battle With Covid-19, and Gets a Big Neighborhood Welcome

Larry Kelly, a 64-year-old retired public school teacher who lives on the Upper West Side, was in the hospital for 128 days with Covid-19, including 51 days on a ventilator. When he went home this week, “Miracle Larry” was cheered by friends and neighbors. Kelly had been treated at Mt. Sinai Morningside.

And his favorite spot, Dive Bar on Amsterdam and 96th, still had a sign for him in the window — it said “Let’s Go Miracle Larry.” Owner Lee Seinfeld said he wouldn’t take down the sign until Larry came back.

NBC got video of his return below. Welcome home Larry!

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    1. D-Rex says:

      Welcome home!

    2. Liza Carroll says:

      Dear Miracle Larry, I do not know you but I am so sorry you had a severe case of covid. And I am thrilled that you recovered. I also live on the Upper West Side. Stay well. Best Regards

    3. Linda Friday says:

      God bless you Larry. You are an inspiration to anyone fighting anything. The Lord has a plan for. I loved seeing you and your family on CNN. How blessed you all are.

    4. Old-fashioned News Nutt says:

      Amazing! The footage of Mr. Kelly’s inspiring story was not only on WNBC’s local “News4NY” yesterday (Wednesday) but also on the network “NBC Nitely News With Lester Holt,” which goes nation-wide.

    5. kaylord says:

      So glad you’re home, Miracle Man! Hope your recovery continues to go well.

    6. Mai says:

      Congratulations & best wishes to Larry, and to his welcoming & caring friends. I crossed CPW the other day with one of his friends who was holding a sign announcing his recovery & return from the hospital after 128 days. She was thrilled, and was letting everyone know the good news about him. It’s the kind of thing Upper Westsiders do, and it is the kind of news we need so much now. It made me happy all day

    7. Michael B Davis says:

      Welcome home, Larry. You are the Miracle Man!

    8. Melissa Rothschild says:

      Welcome home, Larry!!!

    9. Blanche says:

      Welcome home, Larry — you truly are a miracle man!

    10. CityGirl57 says:

      Beautiful heartwarming story! Welcome home to the Upper West Side and to the Dive !! Great tee shirt too!!

    11. Valerie says:

      Larry, you are indeed the man. I am happy for happy for you and your love ones.
      Welcome back home.

    12. NYYgirl says:

      So thrilled to see this story! Welcome home Larry!!!!

    13. Jonathan L. Segal says:

      Best news of the day! HOO-rah!

    14. IRENE DRIVAS says:

      Thank you to the Medical team that got him through this!

    15. Janis says:

      God bless you, Larry, and to your wife who never gave up.
      We happened to be walking by when we saw all the TV trucks and folks with signs. We look forward to toasting you at the Dive Bar sometime in the future.

    16. rteplow says:

      Welcome home, Larry! Hope you make a quick and total recovery.

      Is there any way to make sure Larry sees this?

    17. Giulia says:

      I can’t help but remark upon his age, noticing that he falls just one year short of being eligible for Medicare.

      I really really hope Larry does not get hit with bills that will bankrupt him after so many months in the hospital, but in this country, I’m not optimistic.

      • LivableCity says:

        From the terrific New York Times piece about him:
        His family had received a bill from Mount Sinai Morningside for $1.3 million. “They bring you back to life and then kill you with the bill!” he said. His insurance covered nearly all of it.

        Besides evidence that his great sense of humor had survived Covid too, another touching aspect of that article was the many comments from former students, athletes and former softball buddies fondly paying him tribute and wishing him well. A well loved guy in all parts of life!

    18. Janice says:

      Welcome home, Miracle Larry!!! So glad you made it.