West End Avenue Phone Booth Gets Filled With Flowers; Then They’re Given Away to Locals

One of the last phone booths in New York City was filled with gorgeous flowers on Wednesday by a floral designer who has gained a reputation for “flower flashes” around the city. Lewis Miller Designs struck again in front of 825 West End Avenue at 100th Street, as seen in the photo above by Sarah.

When Sarah returned in the afternoon, the exhibit was being dismantled, and flowers were passed out to passers-by.

See other local flower flashes here and here.

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1-800-FLOWER-FLASH 📞 🐞 @tabithasimmons #flowerflash #LMDxNYC #825WestEndAvenue oh, and #foamfree 😉

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    1. Mail lady sonia says:

      That is not the last phone booth in Manhattan. …66th st and west end ave !!!!
      …….and it works!!!😀

      • Debrim says:

        The article did not say it was the last phone booth; it said it was “ONE of the last phone booths….”
        Indeed, there is another phone booth precisely 1 block north of this one.
        I passed this shoot several times yesterday: beautiful display!

    2. Very creative/Billy Amato says:

      That is so awesome and creative, reminds me of the 60s what we used to do.

    3. Papichulo says:

      I was told it was part of a Puma photo shoot

    4. Mar a Mango says:

      This is vandalism of NYC property and is not a joke.

    5. Simon says:

      What a beautiful site. The city filled with flowers will put a smile on anyone’s face. I personally am a big fan of the flowers arrangement by Rachel Cho Floral Design. Definitely check out what they’re doing!

    6. Jack Kirk says:


    7. AMS says:

      Kudos for giving the UWS a beautiful site to enjoy!

      Thank you..

    8. Glennette Armstrong says:

      So Beautiful!

    9. Anne says:

      Have you seen the children’s book, “The Lonely Phone Booth” about that same phone booth? The author is Peter Ackerman.

    10. Dorian says:

      Reminds me why “I love New York.”