Florist Leaves Winding Trail of Amazing Flowers on Central Park West Bench

A florist known for going all-out with his arrays flower-bombed a bench on 88th Street and Central Park West on Friday, bringing some color to an otherwise drab day…season…year.

Florist Lewis Miller, who runs Lewis Miller Design, has been placing these floral arrays all over the city in recent months, with the company’s initials spray-painted on the ground next to the flowers.

The one shown in these pictures by out tipster Constance is at 88th Street and Central Park West.

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    1. Margaret says:

      That’s so beautiful. Thank you to the artist!

    2. Rachel Cho says:

      What a beautiful way to brighten up a cloudy day. At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we love to brighten up your special day in a very similar way.

    3. Etan says:

      They should fine him for spray painting the floor!

    4. Lisa says:

      This pop-up was arranged by Marti as a tribute to her mother Marlene Nathan Meyerson, a very special lady who passed away one year ago. The beauty and joyous surprise so capture her spirit!

    5. Gall Wray says:

      My mother went to New York on her senior trip from a small town in Mississippi, she loved roses. What a
      Beautiful way to honor your mother.

    6. Bonnie Barron says:

      Love it!!

    7. Kathy says:

      Wow, beautiful and a beautiful tribute.

    8. Sylvia says:

      Unexpected beauty! Lends itself to photo opts for and by the general public.

    9. A beautiful and throughtful memorial to your Mother;
      Very fitting for the Mother of a FLORIST. Hope all who saw this appreciated your creative and love of flowers.
      From a former FLORIST of 35 year in the trade.

    10. 92nd Street says:

      Amazing public art piece
      Thank you!

    11. Sara says:

      Flowers are smiles of the heart.
      Real artistry shared
      Such community spirit

    12. Marcella Gamble says:

      With all the bad news on tv,this would be a joyful way.To brighten one’s day for the week.

    13. J&K says:

      Delightful! May our Lord Jesus Christ, who created the flowers, bless Mr. Miller for his selfless display of God’s love….

    14. Laurie Bourque says:

      I need to know this person

    15. S. says:

      Joy! Pure joy!

      Thank you for brightening everyone’s day 💞

    16. John Elari says:

      As an ex-florist I can attest to the very big bucks in Miller’s piece. Hundreds.

    17. ef says:

      Why not use chalk to write there names on the ground. Less permanent and less of an eyesore after the beautiful flowers are gone.

    18. Mal says:

      Lovely, but I hope he used water soluble spray paint. Otherwise once the beautiful flowers are gone, we’re left with an ugly advertisement on our historic cobblestones.

    19. shesays says:

      Thank you, Lisa, for letting us in on the story. Beautiful tribute.

      And, Etan, really? Fine him for spray painting the sidewalj?? I hope that is just a poor attempt at a joke.

      Let’s fine all the dog owners who are leaving More and More presents on the sidewalk. Let’s start there, and then, after they’ve fallen in line, Then we can go after the artists, the ones who leave beauty in their wake. Start with the poo.

    20. Carol M says:

      Breathtakingly beautiful! How was this particular bench chosen? Memorial to something or someone?

    21. Lulunyc says:

      So lovely! He spray paints with chalk btw.

    22. Cathy says:

      So wonderful. Even if it is an advertisement for his shop, it brings such joy.

    23. Wendy says:

      “The flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra-la….” Oh, flowers grown in U.S.A., please. n.b. horticultural therapy. Please pray for @ 10 folk , whom I knew. Aha, re a crown of flowers worn by an ECUSA Deacon; [woman]. What of edible flowers. n.b FLEUR in Central Harlem, [10030 , ?]. “the lilies of the field…”; Richelieu, France : candied violets ?

    24. Mary Carvell says:

      Lovely. It even brightened my day on Minneapolis. Thank you, Lewis and Rag🌷

    25. A W says:

      Gorgeous tribute, & generously shared.

    26. Phyllis Jollie says:

      That is a beautiful
      Display of flowers Thanks for brighten one’s day

    27. Elizabeth M. says:

      I think these flowers are beautiful and and a lovely gesture. I am sure they did cost a lot. Why look for an ulterior motive? Can’t you just enjoy a lovely,generous gesture by one of your neighbors? Why pick it apart? The guy is talented. Gorgeous!

    28. UWS_lifer says:

      Love it! Seriously, who is complaining about this?

      I think some of you are forgetting that this isn’t some gated community with a home owner’s association. It’s NYC!!! Manhattan! The UWS!!! This is how we roll in the big city and if you don’t like it you may want to reevaluate some of your life choices.

      God bless this woman and her mother. RIP and thanks again for adding some beauty to all of our lives in the middle of this winter.

    29. Karina says:

      Too cool! What beauty.

    30. Donna says:

      This florist doea a beautiful job but they are obviously making too much money!

    31. Tracy says:


    32. Majka says:

      Love it

    33. Mary Peterson says:

      Wonderful inspritation on a cold day. Warmed hearts and memories. Thank you for your kindness.
      Let there always be beautiful thoughts and flowers.

    34. Sam says:

      What a lovely thing to do.

    35. Jane says:

      Many people do not appreciate the power of Floral designs, flowers provide joy, peace and comfort. As a long time Florist on the Jersey shore and a Floral teacher I find this to be a beautiful expression especially in NYC. I hope to see this in person when I visit my daughter. Great Job please do it again Lewis and I wish toy a successful V day!

    36. MelissaG says:

      Lewis Miller was our wedding florist, adore him and love that he’s spreading this beauty to the city!!

    37. Raymond Gonzalez says:

      It’s January

    38. George Mitchell AIFD says:

      Nice garland work, beautiful accent tot the drab winter colorless area.