Silver Stars Fitness: Want To Burn Calories, Get Stronger, Firm Up & Feel Better Without Having To Leave Your Living Room?


Experience LIVE Online Training. No Equipment? No Gym? No Problem!

Silver Stars Fitness is the premiere NYC fitness studio & Now– Virtual Fitness studio that caters and specializes in working with the baby boomer & beyond fitness enthusiast.

At Silver Stars, our priority is to help as many men and women over 50 Move, Feel & Look better.

If you’ve been thinking about working with Silver Stars Fitness, but thought that the location on West 55th wasn’t convenient, you can now be anywhere throughout the country and train with us  at our New Virtual fitness studio or we can come to you!

In addition to our physical studio on West 55th/7th, we now offer you many options other than our physical studio to help improve your fitness.

You can now train with us on Live on Zoom, where you’ll have a set appointment to meet with one of our experienced coaches, or we can come to YOU, or you can train with us outside.

Now more than ever, exercise is a very important component to staying fit mentally and physically, and we want to help you improve your overall fitness level.

We are offering two weeks of our LIVE popular Virtual At- Home Fit For Life Baby Boomer Boot Camp Classes or Personal Training program For $47!

You can train up to twice per week during your two week trial period.

All  Boot Camp classes & Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes and will incorporate many aspects of fitness such as cardio drills, balance, core & overall strength work and flexibility.

At home on- line sessions don’t require a lot of space or any equipment. If you have equipment such as dumbbells and bands that’s great, but if not, your own body is the best form of equipment!

This Is What You’ll Receive:

  1. Personalized Attention: 45 minute Live Boot Camp Classes or Personal Training sessions using either Face-time, Skype, or Zoom that is specific to YOUR goals. We will be coaching you on proper form and motivate you just like we would at our physical fitness studio.
  2. Accountability: You will have a set appointment to train with one of our coaches every week. You’ll also receive daily fit tips and motivational text messages to help keep you on track to accomplishing your goals.
  3. Well- Balanced Fitness Program: Our program consists of cardio drills, balance. Core, overall strength and flexibility all within a high energy and fun 45 minute session. You’ll be led by one of our experienced coaches just like you would at our studio.

This Is NOT What You’ll Get:

  1. Pre-recorded session or class, a live stream class where it is up to you to login at a designated time, or a generic session or class that is one size fits all!

Call or email Us to Get More Information or to Book Your Free On- Line Consultation Now! Offer is for a limited time only!

Silver Stars Fitness
850 7th Avenue, Suite 305
New York, NY 10019

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