Daily Provisions, Old John’s Luncheonette and More Restaurants Reopen

Photo by Joeanna.

In the past four weeks, 75 more local restaurants have opened since the city first allowed restaurants to open outside, according to a map showing the location of the reopened locations. In total, 276 spots are open for business, up from 201 at the start.

Among the newly opened spots are Old John’s Luncheonette at 148 West 67th Street. “They’re doing delivery, take-out, and have a handful of tables responsibly spaced outside,” wrote Alexandra, a fan of theirs. “They’ve been closed since March and only just reopened—we’re worried since they’re in a less-trafficked area. As a historic diner (and great pancake spot), really hope you can get the word out that they’re open for business.”

Daily Provisions, the newer Danny Meyer chain that opened on the corner of 78th and Amsterdam last year, also just reopened after being closed since March. On the first day back, they already had a line outside. Thanks to Keith, Deri and Joeanna for the tips.

See the full map here.

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    1. John Enochty says:

      Glad Old John’s is back. I was worried too!

    2. Heidi C says:

      I love Old Johns because the reasonably priced entree dinners come with a starch and a good serving of fresh vegetables and salad. I am so glad they reopened…

    3. RWC10025 says:

      The crullers are so greasy, I’ve eaten them at least half a dozen times thinking the last batch was a fluke.
      Nope I can’t figure out why folks rave about them.
      However, I will Stand in line for the salted rye bread, this is the best rye bread on the UWS!

    4. UWS-er says:

      Thrilled Daily Provisions is back. It’s only a VERY bare-bones menu at the moment, but hoping they add more back to it soon!

    5. QL says:

      love Old Johns. So happy they’re back.

    6. Mitchell Jacobs says:

      Old John’s! Thank goodness. We live 30 feet away, directly across the street, in Tower 67. We make it any weather, no coats, sometimes in pajamas. We have been upstate since early March, but missing John’s pancakes.

    7. Rita Tepper says:

      Glad to see Old John’s is open.

    8. mikey97 says:

      Thai Market and Malaysian Grill should be listed as open.

    9. chris says:

      Can someone tell my why Daily Provisions has such limited hours and waited so long to reopen while Shake Shack stayed open pretty much the whole time.

    10. Judy Harris says:

      Petite Rooster closed and Alden Cleaners, on Columbus at 84th

    11. Steven says:

      New Wave Diner on Broadway between 78th & 79th street I saw has a For Rent sign on the window when I walked by yesterday.

    12. DC says:

      Daily provisions is like an elitists starbucks. Place is so overrated and the food is what you’d get at a local deli but triple the cost and twice the wait.