The 24 Precinct Community Council Supports the Officers of Our Precinct


In this time of protests, marches, negative media attention and material budget cuts, the 24th Precinct Community Council wants to issue a statement of support for the officers who work everyday to keep us safe. All the NYPD precincts have a voluntary Community Council whose role is to act as a communications bridge between the residents and the local Precinct’s officers and command.

At the 24, we hold monthly public meetings where residents can voice their complaints and alert the officers to issues affecting the social fabric and the quality of life. Citywide, violent crime is increasing and residents need to feel comfortable reaching out to their local Precinct. The Council takes pride in its efforts to enhance these vital communication contacts.

By working through the Council, we are able bring the community and the officers together to build mutual trust and increase dialogue throughout the neighborhood. Once the Covid-19 restrictions are behind us, we will publicly distribute the dates and locations of our meetings and events. We look forward to seeing our West Side neighbors at these meetings.

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