Posters Crack Jokes About People Waiting in Line at Trader Joe’s

Neighbors who live near the Trader Joe’s on Columbus Avenue between 92nd and 93rd Street have a front row seat to the conversations of the people who are waiting to get into the store. Given the length of the lines, which keep people spaced at least six feet apart, they end up hearing quite a bit.

At first, the constant crowds and their conversations were annoying. But the neighbors in the brownstone — Kyle Luker, Ash Fulk, Gabrielle LeMoullec, Max Gayle and Winnie Sabbat  — turned their annoyance into a funny project that was just featured in the Times.

They started writing posters with some of the things they heard from the people waiting in line and created an Instagram account that features the posters. Check out some of them below:

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Anne-Marie rest that voice! #wicked #traderjoesuws @traderjoes #redrefreshtea

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Julia! Put on that mask! Also don’t use the sauerkraut as hair extensions. That doesn’t work out! @traderjoes #saurkraut #traderjoesuws #putonyourmask

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Betty! Skip the class. We all are. #macandcheese #traderjoes @barrysbootcamp @traderjoeskitchen

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Suzan! Thanks! Now go get some Popcorn in a Pickle! #traderjoeslineuws #pickle #traderjoes

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Cullen we love your tum tum! #traderjoesuws @traderjoes #sesame #fireisland #covid19 #summerbody #bodyshame

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ABSURDITY | 21 comments | permalink
    1. ST says:

      If I lived in the front of those brownstones on 92nd Street and had to hear line chatter and, worse, line telephone calls on speakerphone all day I probably wouldn’t be alive to be writing this right now.

    2. Lady Di says:

      these are brilliant. If I was living in that location, I don’t think I’d be quite so subtly sarcastic. Folks on that line have the same lack of awareness as those who insist upon screaming so loudly into their cell phones that one is forced to be part of the conversation, like it or not.

    3. Marci says:

      Good for them! These are fun and funny. And I’ll be checking myself anytime I’m on that line. 😀

    4. Tony UWS says:

      I wouldn’t label it as “cracking jokes” … They are merely putting a humorous spin on the conversations these folks are blabbering on about in front of their apartment building … Mazel Tov to them for turning a sour situation into a sweet one

    5. Ada says:

      I think this has the potential to a regular feature in the WSR!

    6. Jeffrey says:

      Bravi to the neighbors who dreamed up this project and so masterfully executed it. Such a clever gesture makes me proud to be a New Yorker — and reminders me NY is NOT merely comprised of self-absorbed types targeted by the posters. By the way, what efforts has TJ’s been making to mitigate this madness? I’m willing to forgo my cauliflower gnocchi should its purveyor fail to prove a good neighbor.

    7. Mark Moore says:

      Another reason why I’ll never live on a lower floor in Manhattan.

    8. Perledesantilles says:

      Clever, but surely it’s someone at Trader Joe’s writing them. Notice each one mentions a specific item they’re selling.

    9. Bob LeMoullec says:

      New Yorkers take lemons and make lemonade.. The best city in the USA…

      • NYC Proud says:

        Add one MORE accolade:
        We wear MASKS!! Every time m’wife-and-m’self venture outdoors just about EVERY person we see is wearing a mask.
        Despite NYers well-earned reputation for crankiness, cynicism, etc. we ALL respect the need to protect ourselves and others from this plague.

    10. davidaron60 says:

      This is so funny! Also considering how much of their own “chatter” we are subject to listening to from their own back yards facing 93rd st anyway! Ha!

    11. Eti says:

      Gift of Gab LeMoullec!

    12. Basic Bob says:

      Very entertaining but do they have to use the word “basic” in nearly every sign??

    13. Karen Korman says:

      Needed a little levity – just what the Dr (Fauci?) ordered – these are so fun!

    14. Cynthia says:

      These are brilliantly hilarious! I used to live on West 92nd street. It was not nearly as entertaining then!

    15. TJ’s Neighbor says:

      Thank you for the social commentary with wit, TJs. It almost makes up for the line of people outside my home every day XO- Me