Comments of the Week: Hailstorms and Politics

Here is a sampling of memorable comments on this past week’s stories.

Re: a video of the hail storm, and a felled willow tree:

Ex-hippie; present-day alter cocker says:
Fabulous little film! Just perfect!! Thanks a million!!!! We were driving up West End Ave in low 70s when it started. Blinding rain along with hail. We drove thru the wooden horses—all the pedestrians were huddled under awnings—to the 90s. By then it let up. You just can’t get around thinking “Damn. This truly IS the end of the world as we know it. I mean C’mon. Plagues? F-in locusts? Floods, fires. Deranged people in power. Anyway the small pleasures still alleviate the hand wringing and angst. Momentarily. So again thanks for the perfect film.

Lawrence Braverman says:
Hail, then farewell, to a willow, below.
Far kinder than sleet or the whipping snow
Near fabled waters, on sweet beds of grass
I too would prefer to give up the past… -L.

Re: the removal of the Teddy Roosevelt statue:

Ethan says:
Although I disagree with the pro-statue protestors, we must defend their right to protest at all costs. God bless America.

Re: the death of a beloved doorman:

UnionProud says:
Never had the good fortune to know this man…but I do know MANY like him.
They are the “Doormen”, “Porters”, “maintenance-guys” etc. without whose daily devotion to duty our “nice” UWS buildings would never function. They are living-proof of NYC’s “Tale of Two Cities” (most could never afford the cost of living in such a building), but that doesn’t stop them from showing up every day to do their job. Thankfully, these are UNION-JOBS, and their union (32BJ SEIU) fights for decent salaries and other benefits.

Re: saved matchbooks

Robin Bell says:
Why would anyone ever throw away a matchbook?! It’s a cracker-sized reminder of a time and a place and, probably, some really good laughs. With friends! Together! Near each other! (Remember those times?) We keep refilling a matchbox from Café Lalo, where my son proposed to his wife, and think of them and smile every time we light the dinner candles. Marvellous.

Re: dead fish in the Hudson

Anna V. Carroll says:
We have dead and dying Fish. Parts of Africa are seeing their Elephants die by the dozens. When the Starlings and Pigeons start falling from the sky you will see me running naked down Broadway. Now THAT won’t be pleasant, I assure you! I am reserving a room at Bellevue any day now.

Re: painting Black Lives Matter on 125th Street:

Aunt Wendy says:
Painting the Black Lives Matter Street Mural is an historic event. Every movement needs art to represent its beliefs, values and vision for the future. Best wishes today!

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