Video and Photos: Hail Storm Rat-a-Tat-Tats the Neighborhood, Knocks Down Trees

A hail storm on Monday a little after 6 p.m. was the latest shock to hit the city. Ira Schwarz took the video below.

The storm knocked down several trees in the city, including the willow below. Michele Marut took the photo in Riverside Park South.

“As of 5 p.m. today, we have received nearly two dozen tree-related service calls in Manhattan, and five of them are for reports of downed trees,” a Parks Department spokesperson told us. “We are actively inspecting and resolving these service requests.”

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    1. Sue says:

      That was some storm! But hail in June is not unusual. Sleet forms in winter. Hail happens in spring, summer and fall.

      • Josh says:

        Yes, hail is actually more likely to form in the summer when the atmosphere is warmer. The same cloud process that makes thunderstorms more common in summer is the same that makes hail.

    2. Steevie says:

      I was taking the M-11 bus home when the hail started. The sound of the hail hitting the bus roof was amazing.

    3. Getya Words-Worth says:

      All HAIL the hail!
      ‘Twas a WHALE-of-a-hail and surely was HALE-and-hearty!
      But it did overflow yon hail-PAIL, and threw our routines off-the-RAIL, especially for those whose stride emulates a SNAIL.
      But I must stop, lest I be thrown in poetry JAIL.

      • West 90th Street Jeff (now away for awhile) says:

        So glad to see you guys all hale and hardy. Living in the city in the time of Covid-XIX has hardened you well. Live well and distantly.

      • T says:

        The more poetry the better! All hail poetry!

    4. Susan says:

      The hail was quite loud and frightening from my tenth floor over-Broadway west-facing windows. As I’m on the NW corner of my bldg. with at least 8 windows on that corner, it sounded like it could have broken glass!

      • Lenore says:

        I’m on the top floor, north facing, and was really imagining that the hailstones would break windows. Then, in five minutes, it was all over and the sun came out!

    5. Ex-hippie; present-day alte cocker says:

      Fabulous little film! Just perfect!!Thanks a million!!!!
      We were driving up West End Ave in low 70s when it started. Blinding rain along with hail. We drove thru the wooden horses— all the pedestrians were huddled under awnings—to the 90’s. By then it let up. You just can’t get around thinking “Damn. This truly IS the end of the world as we know it. I mean C’mon. Plagues? F-in locusts? Floods, fires. Deranged people in power. Anyway the small pleasures still alleviate the hand wringing and angst. Momentarily. So again thanks for the perfect film.

    6. mary says:

      Mother Natures Air Conditioner!

    7. Hail, then farewell, to a willow, below.
      Far kinder than sleet or the whipping snow

      Near fabled waters, on sweet beds of grass
      I too would prefer to give up the past… -L.