UWS Gym Openings Get Pushed Back; Here’s What They’re Offering Online

A virtual class at Candlestick Pilates.

By Lisa Kava

While restaurant patrons are cautiously returning to their favorite neighborhood spots, fitness enthusiasts will have to wait a bit longer to return to the gym. Governor Cuomo recently pulled gyms, movie theaters and shopping malls out of the Phase 4 reopening plan.

In the meantime, many have flocked to Central and Riverside Parks to jog, walk or bike in order to stay in shape. But there are other options for those who wish to exercise from home. A number of Upper West Side fitness studios have been offering virtual workouts since the shut down in March and will continue to do so in order to serve their clients and save their businesses.

Grassroots Fitness Project studio sitting empty since March.

Health experts and fitness professionals say that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but even more crucial during a pandemic as it helps alleviate stress and could potentially boost our immune systems.

“Studies consistently show that exercise improves immunity and more studies have come out to prove this during the pandemic” explained Alicia Weihl, Vice President of Operations and Master Trainer at Physique 57, a barre-based fitness method with a studio on West 73rd Street.

“Exercise is fundamental in keeping the minds and bodies of people healthy and strong” said Heather Gunn Rivera, founder of Grassroots Fitness Project on Amsterdam Ave at West 78th Street. “And right now we risk losing more than just strength but our mental well-being.”

West Side Rag compiled a selection of local fitness studios currently offering virtual training options.

Physique 57 offers live online classes, live Instagram classes and a library of “on demand” video workouts. The live online classes cost $20 per class with packages available. On demand classes operate on a monthly subscription basis at $24.99 per month, Instagram live programs operate on weekly subscription basis at $29.99 per week. Classes focus on toning, strength and core exercises.

Grassroots Fitness Project offers three virtual classes per day including total body conditioning, core and restore, yoga and workouts for kids. Classes cost $25 per class or $20 per class if you buy a package. Private training sessions are also available.

Candlestick Pilates on West 83rd Street offers 2-3 virtual pilates classes per day for $20 per class as well as a free community classes every Wednesday from 9:30-10:00 AM. Private virtual training sessions are available. Hallee Altman, the studio’s founder and owner told us she also offers a MELT Method class using a foam roller to “focus on getting our clients out of pain and back into alignment.”

The Marlene Meyerson JCC on 76th and Amsterdam has lots of virtual fitness programs, and some of them are free. Check them all out here.

Pure Barre at Columbus Avenue and West 80th Street, runs two live stream classes per day which include toning and cardio workouts.  A monthly membership which gives access to a library of over 150 classes costs $149 per month for new clients and $99 for returning clients.

SLT on Columbus Ave  at West 88th Street offers interactive pilates-based classes via Zoom capped at 30 people per class. Single classes cost $20 each, a pack of 5 classes costs $90. $1 from every booking will be contributed to www.feedingamerica.org

Moving Strength on Broadway and West 79th Street offers  MAT/cardio Pilates classes via zoom as well as private in home sessions  at $25 per class with discounts on packages.

X93 Fitness on Amsterdam Ave at West 93rd Street, is offering private training sessions online. Owner Chris Fernandez guides clients through a virtual weight training routine using their own body weight and ends each session with a 15 minute cardio component.

Silver Stars Fitness is a NYC fitness studio that caters and specializes in working with the baby boomer & beyond fitness enthusiast. To help you maintain your fitness level, they have transitioned to online home training by using Facetime, Skype, Zoom and many other platforms. The program consists of cardio drills, balance. core, overall strength and flexibility, all within a high energy and fun 45-minute session. You’ll be led by one of their experienced coaches just like you would at the studio.

From the instructor’s point of view.

“Safety and specificity are key when working out at home” said Alicia Weihl of Physique 57. “So be sure to do workouts that not only focus on physical results but that give you a mood and energy boost. Listen to your body and take breaks when you need them.”

Heather Gunn Rivera of Grassroots Fitness suggests that clients test their camera angle prior to class. “Put a mat on the ground in a horizontal position and make sure that the camera can see the whole mat.” She also instructs clients to log on five minutes before class is scheduled to begin “to work out any last minute kinks or make camera adjustments.”

Hallee Altman of Candlestick Pilates expressed appreciation for clients helping Upper West Side small businesses in the fitness industry. “Having virtual offerings is critical to our success right now.”

Have you found other online exercise options led by Upper West Side studios? Please let us know in the comments.

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    1. Mary says:

      https://www.befitnyc.me is also offering a schedule of zoom classes.

    2. Jeff Berger says:

      I have been seeing my personal trainer via FaceTime. I have basic workout equipment (heavy ball, weights, bands and a mat) and it has worked out (sorry) very well. He can see me and correct my movements. I defiantly recommend it if it is possible with your trainer. I intend to use this for the forceable future.

    3. M says:

      Equinox offers the use of LIFT for personal training and Equinox members can use the new app Variis for group fitness

    4. Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness has been online since March, with a full schedule, every day. Great community and teachers. http://www.uwsyoga.com/online

    5. Andrew Scheier says:

      There are thousands and thousands of hours of workouts with professional instructors available for free on YouTube. Why would anyone pay for virtual classes?

      • Violet says:

        Because there are plenty of out of work instructors who need to pay their rent and buy food and they offer amazing classes.

      • AW says:

        When the instructors can see me and offer real-time adjustments and suggestions, just like they would in class, I’ve found it a much more robust and connected experience than pre-recorded classes. And yes, it’s about supporting and staying connected with the instructors I love.

    6. Diane says:

      The Ballet Spot on W.72nd is offering live online classes for $10 or prerecorded for $5. No prior ballet experience needed.

    7. Sue says:

      Body Strength has been offering a variety of zoom classes.

    8. Naomi Sheiner says:

      JCC is also offering virtual exercise classes via Zoom.

    9. Alexis says:

      Liberated Fitness on 110 and Columbus! my gym for the past eight years and the only place i’ve found to offer online weight training!!

    10. Mark says:

      I notice NYSC offers nothing, not surprising.. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they do not open due to financial reasons. No great loss of this filthy facility.

    11. uwsider says:

      World Yoga Center has been offering Zoom classes since the middle of March.

      The studio has been on the uws for 40 years and the teachers are amazing


    12. I wish Momentum Fitness could have been included in this list. We are an UWS mom & pop gym for 10 years now. We are offering virtual personal training and group classes as well as Central Park classes at 72nd street.
      We are also open for physical therapy at our facility at 246 Columbus Avenue, between 71 & 72 streets.

    13. Lorraine says:

      Nexa Pilates & Fitness offers great online classes. Reasonable prices with good packages. Love their instructors.

    14. Sara says:

      Kinespirit offers several fantastic online classes in gyrokinesis, gyrotonic, pilates, and stretching as well as online private sessions.