The Strand Upper West Side Plans to Open This Month

The Strand got unlucky with the opening of its Upper West Side branch at 450 Columbus Avenue between 81st and 82nd Streets — it had planned to start operating in March. The pandemic obviously put that on hold, but the store is now preparing to open again. The sign above was just installed, according to owner Nancy Bass Wyden.

The Strand now plans to open in the middle of this month. “Can’t promise an exact date, but soon,” a spokesperson said. The in-person author events that the store plans to hold will likely be delayed, of course.

This shop is expected to sell used, new, and rare books, “as well as other bookish items.”

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    1. Ruth Bonnet says:

      wonderful news! I hope it gets all the support it deserves!

    2. Wijmlet says:


    3. Janet Solesky says:

      This is great news since I live way uptown in Inwood. I was at the Strand a week ago Monday when it re-opened on B’way. I wonder if it will have the bins of books like downtown.

    4. Dana says:

      Another independent bookstore is always welcome. I live across the street from Shakespeare on Broadway and welcomed their arrival, too.

    5. Katherine says:


      Birds fly,
      And books give us wings!


    6. Patricia says:

      The employees there are not a happy bunch.
      The ownership is not union friendly,

      • Susan S. says:

        Patricia, The workers at the downtown Strand are in a UAW local.

      • W78 says:

        Lol, some people can truly find whatever the anti-silver lining is in everything. I’m very thankful my mind doesn’t work this way, must be miserable.

      • Commonsense says:

        Even if true, why bad? businesses right now are on the edge. Wouldn’t a rational employee rather have a store to work in and some wages than a union, a first — and last — set fat benefits and a butchered golden goose? It has to keep living to lay the eggs.

    7. ben says:

      Great news! Best of luck to them, hopefully business picks up right away.

    8. E7 says:

      Awesome, awesome, awesome. I hope we don’t all end up converging on this store at the same time, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait to go to an actual physical bookstore!

    9. Guy In A SUV says:

      Really GREAT news! Let’s support them; the neighborhood needs a bookstore like the Strand.

    10. Peter says:

      It is so nice to hear good news.

    11. Lydia says:

      Yay! Welcome Strand! 😊

    12. Tara Black says:

      Wonderful news!! Never enough bookstores.