Teenager and 36-Year-Old Man Die After Stabbing on 102nd Street

A teenager and a 36-year-old man were found on Thursday night with stab wounds in the hallway of 868 Amsterdam Avenue, an apartment building at the Frederick Douglass Houses NYCHA complex.

Both were found by police with multiple stab wounds after a call came in at 8:40 p.m., according to NYPD. They were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. Their names have not been released.

No one had been arrested in connection with the homicides as of early Friday.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      I’ve been taking walks up an down Amsterdam a few nights a week and there has been a NYPD SUV in front of that building almost every night just sitting there with two cops inside. I would bet there’s some ongoing beef in that building the police know about.

    2. Sarah says:

      Condolences to the families.

    3. CityKitty says:

      That building is a scourge. Garbage and glass bottles smashed out windows day and night. Huge rat issue. Urination in the elevator and hallways so bad that one man has to carry his dog in and out for fear of her stepping in it. Rampant drug dealing and use that requires constant police presence. Now this. Carmen Quinones says it’s her worst building on the UWS. So when will the city do something about it for the sake of good people who live there and the surrounding neighborhood? With summer coming and the current situation it’s only going to get worse.

      • Tweety says:

        Carmen doesn’t even visit any of the buildings nor does she even listen to the complaints of the tenants. She remains on her side of town where she lives , so she’s a damn lie … I guarantee you she doesn’t no not 1 tenant in that building

    4. Tayllor Torres says:

      His name was Dominic Barrera and he was my kid cousin. He was not a teen, he had just turned 21 years old three weeks ago. I pray we get some answers, neither him nor his friends deserved this. Rest in Peace Domo & Mousy.

    5. Delores Del Rio says:

      This is where JustSam, the young woman who just won American Idol, is from. Here’s hoping her career will take off and she can get herself and the grandma who raised her out of there.