Silver Moon Bakery Hosting ‘How to Bake’ Sessions; Rhubarb Tart is Coming

Silver Moon Bakery on the northeast corner of West 105th Street and Broadway is a neighborhood gem, and owner Judith Norell is using her talents to inform all the home bakers out there and give back to the community. She’s now regularly holding classes on Tuesdays over Zoom, with a suggested minimum donation of $10. This Tuesday, she made challah and next Tuesday it will be a rhubarb tart.

Proceeds will go to the emergency workers at Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital on 114th Street.

Silver Moon is also open for carryout and some delivery.

Info about the events is below, and you can learn more and sign up at the Silver Moon website:

Join SILVER MOON BAKERY founder/artisanal baker Judith Norell on Tuesday, May 26 @ 2pm as she shows you how to bake fresh Rhubarb Tart in your own kitchen. (This class is demonstration only.) Suggested minimum donation $10.

-Tuesday, May 26 @ 2pm EDT – RHUBARB TART – Following the success of her challah class, Judith will walk you through her technique for making this beloved American treat. All attendees will receive a recipe so that they can recreate this wonderful dessert at home.

Future classes –

Tuesday, June 2 – MYRIAD MUFFINS (demonstration only)

Tuesday, June 9 – IRISH SODA BREAD


Tuesday, June 23 – YANKEE CORN BREAD

Proceeds from the classes will go to preparing baked goods for the emergency workers, nurses and doctors at Mt. Sinai Morningside.

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    1. DD says:

      A wonderful way of giving back to the heroes Mt. Sinai. Speaking of rhubarb, Fairway hasn’t had any recently. If anyone has seen it at a local market, my lonely strawberries will thank you…

    2. Jayson says:

      Love this place. True gem, everything is made with love.

    3. Jose Manuel Araque says:

      This is wonderful, I personally tried that tart at the Silver Moon bakery two days ago, it is absolutely delicious!

    4. Veronica says:

      I had a bad experience with a manager and the owner at the store sometime ago. I asked the manager a question, the owner was quite rude. I have not been back since.

      • Champion of Clarity says:

        Having had a recent experience with Health Nuts at 99th and Broadway, I am soul searching to see if I could have handled my exchange by responding rather than reacting. I’ve done so well having compassion for what everyone is experiencing right now and trying to be kind to myself too, but an unwillingness to know the law of the land sent me over the edge for which I am sorry.

        The Executive Order of the State of New York regarding masks, YES masks, states very clearly:

        “Any individual who is over the age of two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering shall be required to cover their nose and mouth.”

        Unfortunately, the discrete signs in each and every NYS store does not make this distinction clear and store staff and managers are making up ad hoc new regulations.

        If one is wearing a face covering to keep the peace so to speak even if they should not be and has to take a breath, according to the Executive Chamber’s Executive Order letting the face covering down in order to take a breath should be allowed.

        Sadly, store staff and managers have decided to take it upon themselves to also become medical doctors and Bill drafters refusing to hear what the law actually states.

        It is not easy balancing a desire to respect people’s mistaken belief’s, one’s civil liberties and the intentionally confusing NYS law.

        And yes, this is an appropriate place to post this because ALL store staff and managers might take note of the ACTUAL law and SHARE it with one another.

        For those wishing to re-fresh their memory of the NYS Executive Order, please see it at the following link:

        This Executive Order has been extended.

        Thank you.