Mama’s Too Pizzeria Is Giving Out Pizza-Making Kits on Monday, and Frank Will Teach You to Make Pies

Oh Mama!

Mama’s Too, the celebrated pizza joint at 2750 Broadway between 105th and 106th Street, is doing a special event on Monday. The store will be handing out 75 pizza-making kits for free, starting at noon at the restaurant. And then at 6, pizza-marker extaordinaire Frank Tuttolomondo will be leading a class on Instagram live about how to make pizza. Check out the Mama’s Too Instagram page for the show.

Will your creation be as fantastic as Frank’s famous slices? Probably not.

But will you have fun, and maybe get messy? You can bet your pizza pie.

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You guys have been awesome—all our regulars, locals, instagram fam, and all of you coming to us from afar. Thanks so much for supporting our city’s efforts to control this thing by staying home, stickin’ it out and ordering from us. Hopefully things get back to normal sooner than later, but as we continue to stay home i really wanted to give you guys something fun to look forward to and maybe give ya smile or two. So, on Monday (5/11) we’re going to be giving out free pizza kits so you can take and make an awesome pizza at home with and also will be launching an IG Live session where you’ll follow along and making pizza with me step by step at 6:00pm. I’ll also show you some tips and tricks as well as a Q&A. Not sure if we’ll have enough for everybody but come early as we’ll have around 75 of them or so. It’s gonna be super simple and a whole lot of fun. See ya Monday! -Frank 🍕

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    1. Sherman says:

      Mama’s Too is awesome. It’s square slices are my favorite pizza in the city.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Agreed. Each square offers something so different. The pear is my favorite (it’s a brilliant combo/recipe), followed by mushroom, black pepper, upside down, spinach, potato. When this crisis is over, you may want to try Lions & Tigers & Squares pizza on 23rd street, you get a whole mini-square pie as one serving, it’s incredibly filling as the dough and sauce never seems to end. Tasty too.

    2. MerriK says:

      Frank and his team have not only been generous with their incredible pizza, helping those on the front line, but continue with giving such fun goodwill back to it’s customers.
      His pizza is made with alot of love and I think it is so awesome he is about to share some of the the “secret sauce”…keep going Mama’s Too you rock!

    3. Stu says:

      I hope that folks are able to social distance when waiting on line for the free kits. I fear it will be bedlam, like the annual free ben&Jerry cone giveaways.

      Kudos to Frank. Though we find their pizza too well done (ie burnt) for our liking. We are still Sal & Carmine folks.

    4. Susan says:

      Mama’s on Amsterdam is the BEST pizza in NYC! I only wish they would deliver to 153rd St.

    5. She writes says:

      STU – It wasn’t bedlam at all and we all stayed at least 6 feet away from each other. Very low key and respectful.

      • JL says:

        I might take a walk later if it’s not raining. Can you tell us what in the pizza kit? Thanks in advance.

    6. Terence says:

      wow…my wife hit this ball right out of the park, if I can use a baseball analogy.
      Let us know how to submit a pic.

    7. Jerome36 says:

      I got a kit and made my pizza with the help of Frank’s Instagram account. It was a lot of fun and the pizza was pretty good too!
      This was a very generous gesture by mama’s too. Not only great pizza, but good peeps.