Mother’s Day Miracle: A Surprise ‘Corona Baby’ Brightens One Family’s Quarantine

Tadpole and Puffer.

Motherhood isn’t all kittens and rainbows, but sometimes it is! One local family got a big surprise after their daughter brought home a foster cat to care for during the coronavirus quarantine.

The father in the family (they asked not to be identified) told us the story of what he called “the Upper West Side’s first Corona Baby” and sent these pictures of Puffer and Tadpole.

“My family and I are long time residents of the UWS. My 21 year old daughter is at home with us. She volunteered to foster a lovely one-year old cat, Puffer, from an animal welfare organization while adoption agencies are sheltered. Unbeknownst to us and their vets, Puffer was pregnant and unexpectedly gave birth in our home to a single kitten on April 24th.

The animal welfare agency named him Tadpole. My daughter was a diligent kitten doula and noticed the mom was not producing milk, so with guidance she took over and has been bottle feeding Tadpole every three hours.

I tease my daughter and call her a First Responder, but in reality caring for Puffer and Tadpole has been an amazing positive distraction for our family during these challenging times, and I think of them as First Responders to us.

Postscript: Puffer and Tadpole won’t have to find a new family to adopt them.”

Long live Tadpole! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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    1. UWSmom says:

      Aww. Here’s to happy surprises!

    2. Bill says:

      Wow, how wonderful. Thx for fostering.

    3. Linda says:

      What a sweet, sweet story. And those pictures! It brought tears to my eyes to know momma and baby have found their forever home with this kind family. Happy Mother’s Day Puffer!!

    4. Zeus says:

      Cats are the BEST!

    5. tim says:

      Nice story – thanks to this family, it sounds like the cats are in good hands!

    6. Kathryn says:

      Oh, i love this. Thank you for this happy news!

    7. chris says:

      what a great story!! and what great pictures. thank you

    8. Jerome36 says:

      Awesome story. It’s getting a little dusty in my apt. right now.

    9. Blanche says:

      Lovely story — and congratulations on your expanded family!

    10. jules says:

      How beautiful! Lovely pictures. Made my day!
      Since it’ll be years perhaps before we get our vibrant city back, might as well adopt neglected cats in the meantime!
      Onward and upwards!

    11. Leslie Rupert says:

      It is so wonderful to see something good and beautiful in this miserable time. This is beyond sweet

    12. Judith says:

      What a sweet, wonderful story!

    13. Susan says:

      Beautiful sweet story! Tadpole is adorable. Thank for sharing.💚

    14. Andrea says:

      Great job,

      Thanks for adopting both of them.

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