Happy Mom’s Day! Top Local Restaurants Have Some Delicious Promotions…


Going stir-crazy in quarantine? We bet it makes waiting in line for Good Enough to Eat’s famous brunch not seem so bad… Well, we’ve got something even better to offer: we’re bringing brunch to you — no waiting necessary.

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with Good Enough To Eat, Brads Burgers and BBQ, and Harvest Kitchen (is your mouth watering yet?). Get in your biscuits and butter fix with our All-Day Brunch at GETE, finger-licking BBQ from Brads, and sorta-fancy, very-tasty specials from Harvest Kitchen.

And, to get the day going (we know quarantine can be tough!) we’re offering “The Mom Bomb” — a half-gallon of half-priced sangria, margaritas, and mimosas at $25 each. We’ve also got $6 mocktails for the kids.

End your Mother’s Day feast with a big slice of our mouthwatering, baked-from-scratch chocolate or coconut cake. You can even tell your mom you made it yourself — hey, we won’t say anything!

See the flyer below for all the juicy details!

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