Local Graphic Designer Makes 6-Feet-Away Stickers for Fairway and Other Markets

Local graphic designer Aziz Zizoune was looking for ways to help the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. He started by making web graphics to illustrate how to stay six feet away from other people.

But he and some friends realized a physical representation of distancing could be even more effective than a digital one. So they started “Stand 6 Feet”, making circular decals to place at markets reminding people visually where to stand — particularly when they’re on line to pay for goods.

They donated them to Fairway and have now installed them at other places of business too — including Gartner’s Hardware on 72nd and a bodega on 72nd. He says they’re giving them away for free to small stores and asking bigger chains to pay for the cost of printing. (Fairway got them for free.)

To request Stand 6’ Stay Safe decals, or for more information on Team Stand 6, visit
www.stand6.com or email at info@stand6.com.

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    1. Lord Of The Slice says:

      We’re manufacturing masks at home, and now actual items that will aid the safety of the public. It’s a new world, we’re now officially in Trump’s “Pandemic” Economy which, like WWI, WW II, Vietnam, 9/11 (and now Trump) will be an “official” entry in the History books.

      • sg says:

        Pandemic economy…what nonsense, but so typical of you Democrat’s. You’re never responsible for anything. Trump and the teams he’s assembled are doing a great job! Cuomo & DiBlasio need to step up and do more than complain. Cuomo cried about needing more beds and President Trump sent the USS Comfort and outfitted the Javitz Center only to find out they weren’t needed. It’s only money, right? The economy needs to reopen for everyone, but it is especially important for the service workers and small business owners. Thought you liberals cared about them…and by the way, I for one won’t be wearing a mask.

        • Uws mom says:

          No mask? You somehow know for sure that you will not get a fever this evening? That the person near you in the elevator or the frozen foods section won’t either? Good for you. Both you and they are safe. (But how can anyone know?)

          We know now Covid19 is at its most infectious just before you show symptoms. (Or sometimes don’t snow symptoms.) Had we known this in February or been able to act in early March, we might have masked up then. There would be so many alive who are gone. All we can do now is everything to try to lessen the toll.

    2. Chris says:

      I find this funny because as I walk home from the hospital each day crossing Central Park I see hundreds of people doing the apposite. Sitting in large groups smoking pot, drinking having picnics. Don’t forget the exercise classes in sheep’s meadow. Soccer game, Frisbee, paddle ball and other sports going on. So many bikes and runners on the loop at the tavern on the green area took me 3 minutes to cross this past weekend. Sent Video to NY1 and the Mayors office and no response. I guess we will ignore what is happening in the park because this would be a problem.

      • Evan Bando says:

        Chris, the people you describe in Central Park are part of the problem and will have a direct impact (potentially fatal illness) on the rest of us and how soon we can get NYC out from under this crisis. To say nothing about the disrespect they are showing the health workers who are bearing the brunt of COVID everyday. (They probably applaud and cheer from the comfort of their apartments at 7pm too.) Those same careless people might think the floor decals are so fun and clever. Designed by a NYer? They have been on store floors around the country for weeks.

    3. ST says:

      Ha. I wondered who whipped those out so quickly. Thanks.

    4. joan says:

      This is a great idea. Thank you for making people more aware of the necessity to space themselves from others.

    5. ian says:

      speaking of overcrowded grocery stores, this would be a convenient time for the Target in Columbus Circle to open. have they stopped work there?

    6. geoff says:

      or, as has been done in many cities for weeks now, use masking tape. why is it necessary to have such a big tsimmes: designing, printing, distributing?

    7. Steve G says:

      I was in Fairway today and it was a complete disaster. No line to get in, and people everywhere. It was so crowded that an employee actually bumped into me while walking around. The register area was so tight with customers and workers I had to step over stuff. The majority of people in there were not wearing masks and ignoring the 6 foot rule. Might have to start going in the middle of the night.

      • Dana Reimer says:

        Maybe timing IS everything…

      • MH says:

        I agree. Fairway has been egregiously and aggressively ignorant of safety concerns, putting shoppers and employees at risk. It is shockingly careless. I won’t go near the place. I’ve been a loyal Fairway shopper for decades and am disgusted by their lack of concern for the very people who have supported them all along. SHAME on Fairway.

      • JoanN says:

        I wonder how many of those people were Instacart shoppers? Not judging. I haven’t left my apartment in more than a month now and rely on them. Just curious if anyone’s keeping any kind of track.

      • Michele says:

        Fairway represents the worst of the Upper West side as far as I’m concerned. I stopped shopping there a while ago.

    8. Barbara says:

      Bravo, and thank you!

    9. Abby Goldman says:

      Thank you Aziz Zizoune for putting down the markers. It’s now a little less of “the Wild Wild, West” inside the store!

    10. Michele says:

      I want to know why Fairway has not been fined for not following all of the rules that other stores are following. They should be shut down.

    11. West side mom says:

      Nice stamps – sadly no substitute for good management. Fairway deserves a fine by the sound of it. Have loved them though thick and thin over decades. But between their business problems, runs on food etc I realized a few weeks ago they were the single most unsafe place I went. So now I go out of my way (to the Jubilee Market on “Freedom Place” around 70th, even down to Westerley Market on 54th and 8th). Everywhere crowded stores are trying to do better. I am so sorry to read Fairway has not done more to protect staff and workers.