A Poem About Perseverance, Written in Line at Trader Joe’s

Photo by Shiva Ganapathy.

Shiva Ganapathy was waiting in line to get into Trader Joe’s on Columbus and 93rd when he wrote the following poem.

Karo Na! (Just do it…Hindi)

Cherry trees line the street

Their bursting blossoms a springtime treat

Like stars upon a summer night

Dazzling on my left and right

The town is empty, people are gone

And the left behind are woebegone

The unseen enemy has struck hard

Filling every hospital ward

Not just viral, but deadly, virile

Hunker down and stay sterile

But proclaim amid all this travail

Karo Na! We will prevail!

This spring is a time for contemplation

But come summer, there’ll be celebration!

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    1. Ruby Cartegena says:

      Thank you for sharing your lovely poem filled with hope & beauty.

    2. Chrism says:

      Wonderful! Thank you so much!

    3. citygirl57 says:

      thank you ! I hope we can celebrate in the summer …very lovely poem.

    4. Jane says:

      Nicely done!

    5. Marianne Z says:

      Thank you for sharing this poem with its uplifting message. We will get through this and we will dance again

    6. Lrahip says:

      Stay safe and healthy and creative…it keeps us all sane! Thanks for sharing your wonderful poem!!!

    7. janis says:

      This is lovely, Shiva.
      Beautiful thoughts about how we, and our City, will survive.
      Just hope.
      Thank you!

    8. Kathleen says:

      What a wonderful way to spend one’s time
      On Trader Joe’s eternal line!

    9. JP says:

      Thank you!

    10. Satish Negi says:

      Beautiful poem perfectly commensurate with the pic!

    11. Shiva says:

      Thank you all, folks!
      Keep the faith. This too will pass, and we’ll be out stronger!