Teddy Roosevelt Park Awash in Colorful Flowers, and A Couple of Shirtless Men

Theodore Roosevelt Park was blooming big-time on Wednesday morning, with thousands of flowers lining the walkways. Some people relaxed on the pathways around the Museum of Natural History, getting a little sun as the temperatures rose above 60 degrees. Enjoy the weather, but keep up the social distancing!

Thanks to Eugenia for the photos.

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    1. Heike Schilling says:

      Gorgeous, and I just live a block away, always too late to go ou! Thank you!

    2. Carol Braverman says:

      This is so beautiful. It certainly brightened my day. Thank you, Carol

    3. Terry says:

      Hilarious! Tu-lips, and 2 shirtless men practicing social distancing.

    4. Ricki Segall says:

      Thank you for the lovely photos!

    5. cated says:

      And the delicious floral aroma these lovely photos evoke…

    6. Bob Lamm says:

      I’ve been in Teddy Roosevelt Park many times over the last 2 1/2 weeks. Usually to walk the loops for exercise, sometimes just to sit in the sun. It has been staggering how empty it is. I know that many neighborhood residents have fled to second homes or elsewhere. I know there are people who’ve chosen NEVER or virtually never go leave their apartments. Still, I’m amazed each time at how few people I see in that park even on gorgeous afternoons.

    7. ian says:

      put your shirt on!

      any updates on the Target Columbus Circle? this would be a convenient time for them to be open 🙁

    8. Amazing view and I really love this article..

      Keep sharing !!

    9. AC says:

      The new ramble?