Photos: Staying Fit and Limber in the Lockdown

The gyms are closed, and running in high-traffic areas can feel too close for comfort. So West Siders are finding other ways to get sweaty. We got some great photos of some unique workouts below.

Hula hooping next to Riverside Park!

Getting pumped in the park!

Forget hugging trees, let’s punch them!

Workout? Nah, it’s time for a cool down.

Top photo by Amy Mosedale. Bottom three photos by Stephen Harmlon.

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    1. CPW says:

      Thank you so much for giving us
      Some Beautiful pictures uplifting news
      it’s been so sad.

    2. Sherman says:

      Awesome photos.

      I went for a run yesterday in CP. It was packed with runners and bicyclists but I kept my distance.

    3. Ed says:

      Why would the Editors of WSR suggest punching our beautiful and wonderful trees as a way to exercise? Are you guys nuts?

    4. Anne Bard says:

      Great photos! So nice to work by Stephen Harmon!
      He captures the different aspects of these strange times.