Clap Because You Care Tonight and Every Night at 7 PM; Global Movement Reaches New York City

By Caitlin Hawke

Tonight at 7 p.m. the international #ClapBecauseWeCare movement takes hold here for all of those on the frontline in our hometown.

Neighboring West Siders, for you who are still in town, tonight at 7 p.m. and all nights going forward are your chance to pay back some moral support to our health care workers, police, MTA, civil servants, and essential business employees who are bravely still working. Go to your window, crack it open, take a huge breath of that fresh unpolluted air, and let rip a grateful holler and a resounding round of applause for them all.

This is a harrowing time. There are people with no choice but to be where their professions or their supervisors insist they be. And they are there for us while we are at home for them.

Applaud them all in deed by keeping socially distanced. And applaud them all in voice by sending a roaring collective cheer their way. We are in their debt. They are in our thoughts. Let’s let them hear it from the windows of the Upper West Side, the way our Wuhan, Milan, and Madrid counterparts have done for weeks.

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    1. Nancy says:

      Loud and clear on W. 81st Street! I hope all of these heroes know how much they’re appreciated.

    2. Christine E says:

      We clapped and hollered! It was uplifting and fun to peer around at the neighboring windows and rooftops and see the others cheering.

      A line from this story has me wondering: “Neighboring West Siders, for you who are still in town, …” Until now I attributed the empty streets to everyone staying at home. Now I am wondering how many people actually ditched NYC? It seems too late now, as no one will take us (FL, upstate NY, and likely other places have banned people from NYC). And of course one needs a 2nd home to which to go. 🙁

      • lynn says:

        I know of only one other person left in my building. I saw on the news that many NYC residents went to LI. I’ve only been outside twice in two weeks and there was no one on the sidewalk or street (no cars at all) except for a young couple who were both wearing masks and gloves. After reading the comments on the WSR I’m guessing everyone who’s left must be at Zabars. ; )

    3. West 98 says:

      Many people participated on West 88th

    4. Westsidegal says:

      Thank you for your service! God bless you guys.

    5. Nurse_UWS says:

      As one of those people, I feel like this is making my work sound like it is some burden to me or that I am some victim of society. I am not, I am a nurse by choice and with great pride.

      Although this is a nice gesture, I wish people would spent their time and energy on something else. Your screaming, singing, chanting, etc. and any other easy gestures of gratitude does not make my job any easier. I just wonder how come so many rich people who are supposedly well-educated, intelligent, and intellectual took such a long time to realize what I do and have done for 30 years? (The same people who are rude when they come to the hospital…)

      Stay quiet, stay home, and stay healthy.

      • geoff says:

        thank goodness, there is an adult in the room.

      • Handsome City Man says:

        Good people feel absolutely helpless and this offers some small outlet in which to channel their feelings.

      • Lauren says:

        I hear you but … it’s just a nice community gesture by everyone who is stuck at home. I’m in healthcare too. And maybe not everyone acknowledges the effort in the best of times but in the worst of times, like with everything, people recognize what’s at stake. This is for everyone: delivery people, mass transit folks. They are keeping this city alive. They clapped again tonight on my block 🙂

    6. Liifeoong UWS says:

      Brilliant. I was wondering why I heard cheering at 7.

    7. Susanna says:

      Thank you for posting that it’s not just tonight! I missed tonight but I want to do it every night at 7!! I hope I’m not the only one! Thank you so much

    8. Phil says:

      If you have fled UWS for the Hamptons or Florida or for a summer cottage consider allowing a health worker from one of the outer boroughs to use your UWS residence for the duration.

      We can be more effective and even less exposed if we don’t have to take a train, bus, or subway to work.

      Make it real.

    9. Rachel Teplow says:

      I love this!

      Our apartment faces the backyards on 85th St. near West End Ave. We can hear some enthusiastic cheers, but can’t see anyone. It seemed louder yesterday than Friday.

      My husband is an essential worker (NYC parks department) so feels a bit embarrassed to be clapping for himself, but he deserves it.

    10. Kim M says:

      In the house UWS 91st Street. We thank all the essential workers.

    11. Valerie says:

      Loud and clear on West 83rd. Really enjoy being part of this 7pm #ClapBecauseWeCare movement. So grateful as well to Zabars, Fairway, Whole Foods, Broadway Farms, Trader Joes and the pharmacies. Thank you all so much!

    12. Marsha Zuckerman says:

      Great idea. I love it. I live on the Upper Eastside and that is where I heard it. I am glad you have this website and was curious about who was organizing this. Thought it was students, now I realize it is for everyone to join in.

    13. Trudy says:

      Yay! Just heard it from my window on WEA and 88th. We need to cheer on all those who are still here and taking care of each other and ourselves with social distancing, masks, gloves, etc. Thank you health care workers, doormen and apartment building workers, mail persons, delivery people, and workers at D’Agostino, Broadway Farms, Barzino’s, Key Foods, etc. We are grateful for your hard work and service to the community. –TSR