Two More Private Schools and Juilliard Cancel Classes Due to Coronavirus; Activities for Older People Suspended


The Heschel School and Fordham University both canceled classes on Monday because of the coronavirus. And Juilliard is canceling all in-person classes and performances until March 29 (that includes its spring break), as first reported by the Steinway Piano blog.

The Heschel School at 30 West End Avenue (61st Street) canceled classes for the day after a staff member was tested for the virus. The tests had not come back yet, and school could still reopen on Tuesday, a message from the school said. A spokesperson did not respond to a message asking for more info.

Fordham, which has a campus between West 60th and 62nd Streets, said it has suspended all face-to-face classes indefinitely, and will plan to start online classes on Wednesday. No one on the campus was confirmed to have coronavirus, though two people at Fordham are being tested, the school said in a message to students.

“As of March 6, there are two faculty members and three students who may have been exposed to COVID-19 off campus. Out of an abundance of caution they are self-isolating at home for 14 days and the faculty are teaching their courses online.

Also, on March 6, the parent of a prospective student fell ill on the second floor of Duane Library. The parent was transported to the hospital where they were treated and released. The second floor has since been professionally cleaned and disinfected.

The potential public health threat posed by COVID-19 is high, both globally and to the United States; individual risk is dependent on exposure. As of today there are still no confirmed cases of this virus at Fordham University.”

NYU has also canceled classes and announced plans for remote learning, joining Columbia.

And Bloomingdale Aging in Place, an organization that supports people as they age on the Upper West Side, announced it will no longer hold group events.

Dear Neighbors,

Because of the rapidly changing local situation regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) the BAiP Board of Directors decided to suspend all BAiP activities and groups immediately. All exercise wellness classes, Hooray for Hollywood, BAiP Presents and all living room groups are paused. We will assess the situation as we move forward and hope to resume activities as soon as it is safe for our members. Our decision is consistent with CDC recommendations when there is community spread and for “high risk” individuals, i.e., those over 60 or with serious health conditions such as with heart, lungs or kidneys ( Please click the link and read about protective measures that you can take.

Let us all stay connected to support each other and prevent social isolation. Call your friends, neighbors and fellow group members on the phone, stay in touch by email, use other technology to stay connected, to see and hear each other, while we don’t meet together in person. And stay vigilant about your health.

Be well,

Gail Naruo
President and Chair of the Board of Directors, BAiP

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    1. NYC mama says:

      Beit Rabban Day school closed today too.

    2. ST says:

      And you know where all the students of all the closed schools and colleges were Monday? In Central Park enjoying the 70-degree temp. It was packed.

    3. SamG288 says:

      Heschel was closed again today….

    4. Lourdes Ober says:

      I found West Side Rag > Two More Private Schools and Juilliard Cancel Classes Due to Coronavirus; Activities for Older People Suspended very educational.

      I want to share with you how my children learned to love the piano:
      Kisses!! 🙂