Plans Change for Proposed Building at 91st and Broadway: More Floors and a Cantilevered Section

A diagram of the building that was filed with the city.

By Carol Tannenhauser

A recent deal between a developer and a building owner could bring a cantilevered building to the northwest corner of Broadway and 91st Street.

In 2017, developers Hampshire Properties and Adam America Real Estate filed permits to build a 15-story apartment building rising 197 feet at 2461-2463 Broadway. On December 31, 2019, however, the developers reached an agreement to buy air rights from 2465 Broadway — the low-rise building next door housing the Equinox sports club. The air rights will allow them to build to 19 stories. The agreement also gives them the right to “cantilever” the new building out over the existing Equinox building. (Cantilevers hold up a surface or room without themselves being supported at their outer end.)

The site as it looked in April 2019.

One neighbor raised concerns to West Side Rag about the potential design, which she says “will be out of character for this neighborhood,” as well as the track record of one of the developers. The Real Deal reported this month about a current lawsuit involving Adam America.

The board of managers at 51 Jay Street is suing Adam America Real Estate and Slate Property Group, the project’s sponsors and developers, alleging breach of contract, fiduciary duty and fraud.

The condo board claims the 74-unit luxury warehouse-to-condo conversion “fell far short of the developers’ promises” due to a multitude of construction defects, according to its complaint filed in Kings County Supreme Court on Jan. 3. The lawsuit claims Adam America and Slate knew of the problems but sold the condos to unsuspecting buyers anyway.

In January 2019, Adam America sued a contractor on the Jay Street project “for project delays, over-billing, and defective work,” according to The Real Deal.

Here is another cantilevered building developed by Adam America on the Lower East Side.

100 Norfolk via Adam America Real Estate.

Adam America and Hampshire did not reply to requests for comments.

Some neighbors say they plan to attend a Tuesday meeting of the Community Board to air their concerns. It starts at 6:30 at Rodeph Sholom, 7 West 83rd Street.

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    1. Anthey Wilcom says:

      “One neighbor raised concerns to West Side Rag about the potential design, which she says “will be out of character for this neighborhood,”….

      Objection denied. Build it.

      All this really means, is that the individual expressing the ‘opinion’ doesn’t like the style of the building, or more likely perceives that the construction will inconvenience her in some way.

      This cannot be the basis for blocking construction of a building, and even less for impeding progress generally on the UWS.

      There are too many derelict building on the UWS with structrual defects, plus sub-standard plumbing and wiring. They should be razed and replaced with stable, modernized and MODERN structures, negativniks be damned.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        and what happens to the people living in all these buildings you plan on tearing down?

        • Clear-Eyed Realist says:

          Relocate them into better, newer housing, wherever it exists.

          Why would you oppose improving people’s living conditions?

        • robert says:

          The building it will replace is already down, and there were no residents. It was a two story taxpayer. Its used to be an OTB, which became several other things that never lasted and then a small no descript restaurant

          • USW Resident says:

            Incorrect. The building that used to be at 91st and Broadway was a six-story building that had 20 rent stabilized apartments.

    2. Kevin F says:

      I’m sorry, but how is this prospective 19-story building out of character with Broadway? If anything, the 3 story equinox and 2 story Petco store on that block are out of character with the neighborhood!

    3. Lesli klein says:

      The lower east side Bldg is hideous. I cannot support that in my neighborhood.

    4. Julie says:

      A cantilevered glass and metal structure is completely out of context with the architecture of the neighborhood. If it looks anything like 100 Norfolk it will stick out like a proverbial sore thumb on our streetscape. Also not considered is infrastructure. We have new construction going up on 91st, 93rd, and 96th streets and Broadway, as well as 93 between Broadway & Amsterdam. If each apartment has 120-150 units, that is thousands more people using our subways, grocery stores, and other retail establishments. Has anyone thought of this?

    5. Roger Bilco says:

      Is there a mandate on this development to support a percentage of units for low-income housing?

      • AC57 says:

        It abides by the C4-6A contextual zoning and falls underneath the MIH height requirements. So no

        People here want “contextual height”. Once again, you’re gonna get it

    6. 92nd Street says:

      What a shocker!
      The Developer pulled a fast one… again.
      After all the B.S. from Extell, how could anyone fall for this again?

    7. James Sparks says:

      I still don’t like it. It’s ugly.