Urgent Care For Pets to Open on Amsterdam and 77th This Spring

Amsterdam and 77th.

By Carol Tannenhauser

An urgent care clinic for pets will be opening on West 77th Street and Amsterdam Avenue this spring, “exact date to come,” a representative of Bond Vet told WSR. Founded in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, in early 2019, the company and concept appear to be taking off, and why not? Urgent care centers have become increasingly popular for people, why not for pets? Bond Vet opened a second clinic on the Upper East Side this past December.

Two things that distinguish Bond from other veterinary offices are its walk-in capacity and hours tailored to working people. “We work when you don’t,” the website says. “Open nights, weekends & holidays till 10pm — 365 days a year.” The clinic also offers ongoing wellness care, with visits starting at $75.

Bond Vet is led by veterinarian Dr. Zay Satchu and her partners Mo Punjani and Lukas Keindl. “Our goal is to make the veterinary experience as simple and comfortable as possible,” Punjani said. “We’ve gotten great feedback from pet parents so far, and we’re excited to put down roots on Amsterdam to help our UWS friends and neighbors keep their pets safe and healthy.”

Thanks to Barbara, Joeanna and Arielle for tips and photograph.

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    1. Happy dog mom says:

      Great news! I’m so glad I won’t have to go down to blue pearl for minor night time emergencies

    2. Bill says:

      Wow, what a great idea. Love Blue Pearl but will be wonderful to know urgent care is avail close by.

    3. UWS says:

      Great concept!

    4. Cozmocharlie says:

      We love this! A much needed service for all pets/pet owners! Open late and open when you need immediate help!

    5. geoff says:

      BondVet chose the right zip code, that’s for sure.

    6. Cintra says:

      Nice to know. That Upper Westside Area already has 5 private Vets nearby.

      • MQue says:

        A vet is not urgent care. Vets close early what are you supposed to do after hours!

        This is fantastic news!

    7. Suzie E says:

      This is great! Suggestion: Have refrigerator magnets made with all pertinent info for an hysterical pet owner: phone, address, hours. I hope Sweetie never has to make the journey, but if she does I want it to be as smooth a trip as possible!
      (And BTW, by address I don’t mean just the building number — name the closest cross street!)

    8. chuck d says:

      10:00 PM? Sounds like I’ll still find myself at Blue Pearl in the middle of the night

    9. UWSmom says:

      Interesting “concept.” Our current vet, Animal General at 87th and Columbus, and who we love, already in effect offers late night service, and I assume the other UWS vets do too. AG has doctors on call 24/7, and overnight staff on site since they board sick and post-op animals.

      • lynn says:

        My beloved vet of 20+ years retired, and his ‘replacement’ offers an after hours ‘service’ called ‘take your pet to the hospital.’ I’m thrilled that the urgent care is opening. : )

    10. Linda Wissbrun says:

      yes, one would still have to go to Blue Pearl late at night, which I’ve had to do with 2 very sick cats, but still good for those later hours in the evening, very good for the neighborhood and people who need a vet who don’t live in the neighborhood, like me (Inwood) cards are a very good suggestion

    11. Chris says:

      This is a great idea but wish they were open later. I had to go to Animal Medical Center for an emergency with my cat, the cost was $6,000 per night my cat stayed in the hospital, Also they were rude, uncaring, and unprofessional

    12. Woof says:

      Bond Vet has nice events on the east side, like dog play groups and doga (=dog yoga). I hope they do the same on the west side!

    13. Elly says:

      I wonder if they’ll treat exotic pets like guinea pigs? We use Symphony Vet on 96th and Amsterdam and love them because they treat exotics.