Pupper West Side: Ugo Brings His Italian Heritage to the UWS

Name: Ciao! Mi chiamo, Ugo. Sometimes my Mom calls me Ugi too. (Pronounced “Ooo-go” or “Ooo-gee”)

Age: 6 years old.

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier with a broken coat.

Profile/history: I was born in bella Italia in Genoa – the best place to find delicious pesto. Splendido! Before we found each other, my Mom had spent many enjoyable days babysitting her friend’s Jack Russell Terrier but she found it heartbreaking when she had to return the pup back home. Eventually, she decided she had fallen in love with the breed and wanted one too.

Daily routine: I sleep with Mom and Dad and take up position right in the middle of their bed. If Dad is home between work trips, we’ll wake up early together. If it’s just me and Mom, we might sleep in a bit before heading to Central Park for our morning passegiata. I love running into my good friend, Larry. Larry is a gentleman who lives on West 69th Street and kindly carries boiled chicken around with him to give out as treats to all the neighborhood pups. During the afternoons, I’ll laze around under the couch and do some of my best thinking.

Loves: Playing with other doggies! Treats. And Larry, of course.

Does not love: Skateboarders! They’re always chasing me. Basta! Sono spaventato! 

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I like to stop by the Muffins Cafe on Columbus Avenue for coffee. I give my sweetest smile to the barista and say, “Vorrei ordinare un espresso, per favore.”

Favorite treat: Larry’s chicken, of course!

Favorite park spot: The hilly area in Central Park parallel to West 69th Street around Le Pain Quotidien where lots of pups gather each weekend.

What are your favorite Italian eateries on the Upper West Side? Well first, I will say that I wish that I could pop into to restaurants and cafes like I can in Italia. *sigh* Che peccato. But there are many things to love about living in New York, especially the food. My recommendations for un’autentica pasta Italiana include Lucciola on Amsterdam Avenue between West 90th and 91st. If I’m in the mood for pizza, I like Motorino and La Traviata. My standard order is a classic pizza with pepperoni. Buon appetito!

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    1. Sally F says:

      ❤️😊 Hi Ugo!

    2. sg says:

      One of my columns…because of cuties like Ugo!

    3. Amy says:

      Archie wants your autograph, Ugo!!

    4. Wren says:

      UGO or Ungrateful Bastard! Love love love this piece! Mister is a wee bit jelly.

    5. Canine Grandmama says:

      Terrific column. Ugo, you are adorable! Bella Bella!!