Morning Bulletin: Bicycling Dog, Dessert Shortage, Explosive Subway Garbage Fire

Squint, and the dog is bicycling. Photo by Imogène Kaufman at 89th and Columbus.

December 16, 2019 Weather: Rainy off and on, with a high of 37 degrees.

Book readings and other local events are on our calendar!

A message from social service organization Goddard Riverside: “Goddard Riverside is facing a dessert shortage for our Christmas community meal. Your donation of cakes, pies or cookies will sweeten the holiday for your fellow New Yorkers! We gratefully accept both homemade and store bought. Sign up to donate here; dessert donations are the second item on the list.”

Riverside Park in the 80’s is in the midst of an upgrade, all thanks to an anonymous private donor. “With the support of a generous private donor of approximately $425,000, Riverside Park Conservancy on Monday will begin work on a stretch of pathway along the riverside from 83rd Street to 86th Street. The paving work will be accompanied by ongoing horticulture improvements to the surrounding landscape, including new plantings and tree work. The fencing at the tunnel will be widened and replaced, and the tunnel itself will be repainted. Additional thermoplastic bike and pedestrian symbols will increase navigability into and out of the tunnel.”

Actor Danny Aiello’s memorial service will take place in the neighborhood this week. “The service will take place at 2:30 p.m. this Thursday at The Riverside Memorial Chapel on the Upper West Side.”

A local NYCHA tenant is suing the agency. “Jennifer Calcano, a mom and resident of the Wise Towers on the Upper West Side, accused handy man Gene Thomas Mitchell of coming on way too strong over Instagram, and then, in person in her home when he came to fix a leak. In her lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, Calcano alleges that when Mitchell came to her apartment to deal with a repair issue he asked her to pull down her pants so he could see a black orchid tattoo on her butt.”

How a local fashion designer became obsessed wit brisket. “As I got employees,” Hay says, “they were like, ‘Wow, it smells like brisket in your house all the time.’ I became this weird Jewish grandma fashion designer.”

And last Wednesday, subway riders got quite a surprise when they rolled past 103rd Street and saw a subway cart in flames, with aerosol cans apparently exploding inside. No one was reported injured. “A police spokesperson said the incident happened around 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the 103rd Street station in the Manhattan Valley area. They say that three shopping carts were set on fire on the south end of the southbound 1 platform.”

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    1. Karen says:

      I know that dog! @womenswearjindoge!

    2. Paul says:

      Hat’s off to the dog, who’s clearly riding in the right direction!

    3. Chuck D says:

      So nice of that anonymous donor to give money to make his or her little slice of Riverside Park nice. I guess we’re all able to pick and choose the parts of the park we want to be beautiful, and which parts should just fall to neglect and waste because poor people don’t deserve nice things.

      I wonder if they have private security there on sunny days.

      • Linda says:

        Riverside Park is open to all of us, and I want to thank the anonymous donor for this kind and generous donation to improve our park. Whoever you are, hugs and kisses!

      • mkmuws says:

        Right, donor. In other words, bonus money, bonus work on that particular stretch. Why is that an issue? I will certainly enjoy even though I live further uptown. My workout spans miles, not running in place on my block.

      • EricaC says:

        It would be better if they didn’t fix the Park? This won’t free up money for other things?

        One thing about a gift is that you don’t get to pick the terms.

    4. S. Hayes says:

      RIP Felix Rohatyn who helped save NYC from bankruptcy. Former ambassador to France.
      McBurney School (15 West 63rd St.) alum.

    5. Mark Moore says:

      Good to see the “Progressive Action” twitter account has already initiated a conspiracy theory around this basic subway fire. I’ll remember not to follow them.

    6. LuoKai says:

      How can the 1 train be in the “Manhattan Valley area”? We valley folk are down in a valley here, not up (literally up the hill) on Broadway where the 1 train is.

      • Wiki says:

        “Manhattan Valley is a neighborhood in the northern part of Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City. It is bounded by West 110th Street to the north, Central Park West to the east, West 96th Street to the south, and Broadway to the west.”

    7. RickiLS says:

      Wonderful, fun photo!

    8. Dogs Rule says:

      Sorry, but dog bikers should wear helmets too!

    9. de Saint-Ferreol - Guillaud says:

      I am a French Woman and I love NY and your West Side Rag brings me Closer to this place with all these articles so endearing and original.
      Thanks, thanks

    10. chris woo says:

      It is very nice of the donor to help out and try to make the public park a little nicer.
      I doubt the angry posters have done anything but kvetch about things others do — no volunteer work or anything around his/her parts of the park to improve things.

    11. UWSEd says:

      Yes, the dog-on-bike photo is cute, BUT…
      Riding a bike in The City is perilous enough for people. DON’T imperil the dog!!!