Video: Brave Parade Worker Run Over By Nutcracker Balloon

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade went on as planned on Thursday despite high winds that nearly caused officials to make Macy’s remove the parade’s big balloons.

That said, it was not easy to keep the balloons flying in the right direction on such a windy day, and one official called the task “stressful” as a balloon hit the pavement.

While it doesn’t appear that there were major injuries — aside from a partial deflation to the Ronald McDonald balloon — one worker took a nasty fall on Central Park West.

“The 45-foot tall float on Central Park West near 74th Street could be seen violently swaying in the wind around 10:38 a.m., and handlers struggled to keep a hold on the reigns on the classic Christmas character,” the Post reported. “That’s when the brave parade worker rushed the supersized balloon to help. But she got whacked by the side of the inflatable’s white hair, and fell flat on her back. The woman immediately got back up, and then raced to catch up to the Nutcracker as it continues along the route.”

See the video below:

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