Openings & Closings: Takeda Sushi, Tasca, Big Gay Ice Cream, Dance With Miss Rachel, Richard Corman Photographs

The owners of Mimi Restaurant at 566 Amsterdam Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets just opened a new sushi restaurant called Takeda in the same space on Friday night. “The new counter has 8 seats at the Sushi bar and one table for 2,” owner Satomi tells us. “The menu will be Omakase sushi only for pre-opening.  We want people living in New York to eat food that Japanese people eat in Japan. We use fish imported from Japan. It’s very simple and delicate in taste. The chef makes all sushi by himself, so we accept a reservation up to 8 people at a time.”

A new Spanish-Caribbean restaurant called Tasca is opening in the former home of Kefi at 505 Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets. There’s not much info about it yet, but the website is up. The Facebook page had said it would open this summer. Thanks to Terry for the tip.

Big Gay Ice Cream now says they’ll be opening at 516 Columbus Ave (85th Street) next week. Thanks to Carol for the tip.

Dance with Miss Rachel is opening at 529 Columbus Avenue at 86th Street. It’s expanding from its Tribeca location. “DWMR began in 2012 with one teacher, a rolling suitcase, and big plans. Since our first recital of 40 dancers, we have grown to a team of nearly 30 professional instructors who have had the privilege of teaching thousands of young dancers in a beautiful 4-studio space in Tribeca. We have introduced our Baby Bop! Music program for babies as young as 10 weeks, teach private piano and voice lessons daily, and host weekly birthday parties, while continuing to teach our core classes 85+ times/week. DWMR is a family, truly grown from the ground up.”

And there are two new stores on Amsterdam between 82nd and 83rd: Richard Corman photographs and Happy Kangaroo pop-up, which we last wrote about here:

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    1. Nene says:

      I think ice cream places really suffer a lot in the winter.
      You don’t get the constant foot traffic that you get in the
      warmer months..

      • George says:

        They absolutely do lose business in the winter — also just from seasonal preferences (ice cream is more popular on warmer days). But this Big Gay Ice Cream location has the advantage of being close to schools

      • EricaC says:

        I think you’re right – but I’ve been so looking forward to this place that I just may patronize them during the winter. Hopefully, I’m not alone.

      • Zanarkand says:

        Actually oddly enough, I remember a rumor that Wendy’s sells more Frostys in the winter than summer.

      • Trish says:

        Am I the only one who craves ice cream in the winter?

    2. Zanarkand says:

      So happy for Mimi’s. One of the most underrated restaurants in the UWS. As a fan of omakase, I welcome this and will definitely be over there real soon!!

    3. ben says:

      Really excited about the possibility of a nice omakase place this part of town. Can’t wait.

    4. Drew says:

      Not It if they think about adding exotic hot soup and different kinds of hot chocolates. Be creative!